You can now use your Play Points as a direct payment option


Google Play Points is a system that Google set up in 2019 in the Play Store for developers to increase awareness and interaction with their apps and games while giving users more ways to enjoy their game and usage. Among other things, you can make in-app purchases without spending money directly, and you even get a free prize of extra points every week.

Most people I talk to spend their points directly on Play Store credit so they can buy games and apps directly, because the appeal – at least, in my circles – for in-game items is very weak. To be honest, maybe it’s just because I’m not a fan of games that focus their full attention on monetizing that way, because I’d rather buy a game and be done with it, but I understand how bad it is. is important in Eastern Europe and outside the United States

To make this rewards system more useful, especially for those who have accumulated a lot of Play Points and haven’t spent them yet, Google now allows you to spend them directly in the Store for whatever you want. When redeeming in-app purchases, subscriptions, movies, TV shows, books, and audiobooks, the option for your existing Play Points balance will now be displayed.

9to5Google captured the following image which shows a “New” badge next to the words “Use Points” on the checkout screen next to your existing card and Play Store balance. When tapped, a ‘Choose amount’ screen will appear giving you two options. First, you can choose to refund the entire purchase with Play Points. The other choice allows you to only pay for part of it using 100 points, although this will likely vary depending on the point threshold you’ve reached and the price of the purchase.

If you haven’t signed up for the Google Play Points program yet, you need to to inscribe because it is free to join. You earn points on everything you buy, and you can even get up to 4x points at special events the store tends to hold almost every week.

With the implementation of this new Play Points option for purchases (we don’t have it yet, but let us know in the comments if you got the update!) I see the option “Google Play Credit disappear from the “Use” option of the Play Points program. Currently, you can redeem your accumulated points for $1, $2, $5, and $10 credit, but that seems to be redundant now. ‘bigger picture, because Google also brings a “Offers” tab right in the bottom navigation bar of the store, so being able to spend Play Points may be more important than before.


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