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You know how Apple forces all in-app payments to go through its billing system? Yes, Google will implement a similar policy on March 31. But oddly, Google just made a last-minute pivot. He is now exploring a billing option “at the user’s choice” which will truly improve the payment experience in all Android applications.

The idea behind User Choice Billing is quite simple. Participating apps no longer need to force users to open a browser window for external payment options. Instead, they can include their own payment system directly in their apps, as long as “Pay with Google” is also an option.

Google is still exploring user-choice billing, so the rules are not set in stone. Additionally, the company has only confirmed that it is testing this system with Spotify. Other developers are still forced to adopt “Pay with Google” and abandon their browser-based payment systems on March 31, which is unfortunate. (There’s a bit of leniency here, as developers can file an appeal with Google to extend the March 31 deadline.)

The good news is that User Choice Billing will improve your experience as a customer. Once it’s rolled out, you can open an app like Spotify and pay for a subscription using your billing system of choice. If you don’t feel like entering your credit card information, there’s Google’s payment system. And if you want to give Google the middle finger, you can pay Spotify directly.

That said, we don’t know exactly what the future holds. Google takes a cut of all payments made through its billing system, so many developers have responded by raising app prices. I imagine Google will make fair pricing a requirement for user-choice billing, but if customers choose to go through Google’s payment system, developers will still lose profits.

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