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Google’s Pixel Pass subscription plan was announced alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in late 2021. Pixel Pass comes bundled with either of these phones, along with access to a number of paid services from Google, all at a reduced price. It can save you a lot of money over its two-year term – if you want to use all the products it includes. but is it good for you? Let’s talk.

What does Pixel Pass include?

If you subscribe to Pixel Pass, you’ll get either Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, plus the following services:

  • YouTubePremium – Watch ad-free and play in the background while using other apps. (A value of $12/month.)
    • YouTube Premium Music – Ad-free and uninterrupted listening, included in YouTube Premium.
  • Google One (200 GB) – 200GB cloud storage for full-resolution photos, videos and other files, Google Store discounts, automatic phone backups, and more. (Normally $5/month.)
  • Google Play pass – Access to hundreds of games and apps without ads or in-app purchases. (Separately, Play Pass costs $10/month.)
  • Preferred care coverage – Hassle-free device repairs and customer support. (Outside of Pixel Pass, Preferred Care coverage costs $7/month for the Pixel 6 and $9/month for the 6 Pro.)


These are some of Google’s most popular services bundled into one convenient subscription package, though Stadia is notably absent – Pixel Pass would have been a great way to promote the game streaming platform (you know, if Google wanted to do it). If you opt for the Pixel 6, the price is $45 per month for two years, while the Pixel 6 Pro costs $10 more at $55 per month.

How does Pixel Pass compare to Apple’s offering?

Pixel Pass is, in theory, similar to the upgrade subscription experience offered by Apple, although Google’s version is a bit simpler. Getting the same type of offer on an iPhone currently requires several different subscriptions.

The first is the iPhone Upgrade Program, which starts at $35.33 per month for an iPhone 13 or $49.91 for the Pro variant, payable over 24 months. This includes AppleCare+ to help cover the cost of any repairs or replacements you may need during this time.

On top of that, you have the Apple One subscription. For the Individual plan, you’ll pay $14.95 per month for Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. For $29.95 per month, the Premier plan includes all the same services, but boosts your iCloud storage to 2TB and adds Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. There’s also a family plan for $19.95 that lets you share the lower service package with up to five other people.

In total, you’re looking at around $50 a month for an iPhone 13 and the cheapest Apple One plan, which most closely represents what you get from the Google Pixel Pass. For those who want to max out everything, it’ll cost you the bulk of $80 per month.

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While Apple’s equivalent plan will require two separate sign-ups to get everything you’re looking for, the experiences are, of course, very polished. You’ll also get exclusive content from Apple TV+, and Apple Music is arguably better than YouTube Music. It’s not a one-for-one replacement, though – with Pixel Pass you’re supposed to own your phone after two years. Apple’s option is more of a lease, with the ability to upgrade every year.

Samsung previously offered a similar program in Samsung Access, which included your choice of Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy S21 smartphones with Samsung Care+, 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage, and Microsoft 365 Personal for up to five devices, including PCs and Macs. . However, no such offer appears to exist for the Galaxy S22 series, and the Samsung Mobile Upgrade Program is not available in the US.

Is Pixel Pass worth it?

Whether or not Pixel Pass is worth it depends on how often you actually use the included services and whether or not you already subscribe to any of them. Depending on your mobile service provider, you may already be eligible for benefits such as Google Play Pass included for a limited time, so check with your mobile carrier before clicking on the Ordered button.

Compared to separate subscriptions for each item, Pixel Pass looks like a bargain. For individual monthly subscriptions to YouTube Premium (which includes YouTube Music), Google One’s 200GB option, Google Play Pass, and Preferred Care, you’re looking at $26.98 per month for a Pixel 6 and $28.98 for the Pixel 6 Pro. It is without the cost of the phones on top of that, so when you factor that into the monthly Pixel Pass price of $45 or $55, that means you get a Pixel 6 for an extra $18 per month ($432 total) or a Pixel 6 Pro for $29 a month ($696 total).

This equates to a $168 savings over two years for the Pixel 6 or a $204 savings for the Pixel 6 Pro, or $7 and $8.50 per month, respectively. That sounds pretty good, as long as you want to use all the services, but the savings get a little less impressive if you’re already paying for those subscriptions every year.

Paying annually for subscriptions that allow it — services like Google Play Pass and Google One’s 200GB plan — cuts savings to the tiniest of monthly margins. You’ll then be looking to save just $75 over two years for a Pixel 6 with Pixel Pass, or $186 for the Pro. Those numbers equate to just $3.13 and $7.75 per month, which can be quickly negated if you already have an existing family plan for YouTube Music that multiple people use. With Pixel Pass, you’ll need to cancel that family plan and upgrade to a single-user plan. This will leave your family in a financially negative situation, which defeats the point of signing up for the service in the first place.

Alternatively, Pixel Pass can be purchased through Google Fi – the search giant’s phone service provider – and you’ll get an extra discount if you go that route. You’ll pay $45 or $55 for the Pixel Pass, depending on which phone you choose, plus the price of the Fi plan you choose, but you’ll get an additional $5 off per month. That means you can get an unlimited Google Fi plan and Pixel Pass with a Pixel 6 for $70 a month. If you’re already a Fi subscriber or are thinking of switching to Google’s MVNO, this saving could come in very handy.

Ultimately, while we like the services offered in Google’s Pixel Pass, the savings on offer here aren’t the biggest, especially for those who already subscribe to what they need on the cheapest annual plans. . Still, if you’re looking for the convenience of paying for everything for your phone in one convenient bill, the subscription might be worth it. We recommend that you carefully consider whether you will make the most of the savings by considering existing family plans or whether you are already paying annually for one of the services.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are some of our favorite Android phones you can get right now, with great software features, speedy performance, great cameras and strong battery life as reasons why they’re worth it. to be picked up. You can check out our Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 reviews for more.

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