Warning for all Google Chrome users – a popular download can ruin your device


GOOGLE Chrome users are warned against downloading an extension that may harm their device.

An extension dubbed “Internet Download Manager” is currently gaining popularity among Google Chrome users.


Google Chrome users are warned against downloading an extension that may harm their device.Credit: Getty

To date, the extension has been installed by over 200,000 users.

However, as many Chrome users find, the extension is actually adware that can damage or slow down your device.

Adware is a type of malware that floods your device with advertisements.

Some adware may also monitor your online activity to target you with specific advertisements.

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Warning from Google Chrome while

What we know

The extension has been live on the Chrome Web Store since at least June 2019, according to beeping computer.

A notable concern with the extension is that it automatically opens links to spam sites.

Other issues include changing users’ browser’s default search engine and incessant pop-ups that promote “patches” and unwanted programs.

a dupe

Tonec, a legitimate Windows software company, offers an Internet download manager, however, their version is called “IDM integration module“.

“Please note that all IDM extensions that can be found in Google Store are fake and should not be used,” Tonec writes in its FAQ.

Meanwhile, the duped version of Tonec’s app appears to be operated by a website called “Puupnewsapp”.

On their webpage, they claim that the app “increases your download speed by up to 500%”, making it a “great software” for downloading games, movies, music and “large files online”. a few minutes”.

How to protect your device

Users are advised to be vigilant when installing applications with the name “Internet Download Manager” or “IDM”.

They should also not be pressured into downloading an app even if it has thousands of promising reviews.

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Experts from Bleeping Computer echoed: “Although not all of these extensions are harmful, users should be careful when installing new Chrome extensions and check if they are official versions released by Chrome vendors. trusted software.

If you have already downloaded Internet Download Manager fake software then experts recommend to remove it from your device immediately.


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