Use the Files by Google app to reclaim space on your phone


Most of us can agree that 2020 hasn’t been a great year. The world has been ravaged and our lives have been forever changed by a global pandemic; Australia has had one of its most devastating wildfire seasons, and Android users lost the Files system app with the release of Android 11. While the first two were serious and life changing events – and the last not so much – it remains a fact that the old Files app was loved by the Android user community, and its demise was not taken lightly.

The consensus was that the old Files app has been replaced by the Files by Google app (formerly “Files Go“), which doesn’t exactly replace the exact functionality of the old Files app in terms of neatly displaying your file folders and moving files between your device and other file storage services. However, the app has a trick or two up its sleeve to help you optimize your phone storageoffering cleaning suggestions that can mean the difference between not being able to download an app because you ran out of space or having a vacation taking photos and videos without interruption.

Anatomy of the Files by Google app

When you open the “Files by Google” app, you are first presented with the “Browse” tab, which is basically the section of this app that aims to replace old files. Here you can find what is saved locally on your phonecategorized by file type and/or location – nothing really new to see here.

Where the app shines is in the less often used and sometimes unappreciated “Clean” tab.. Here you get a quick summary of how much storage you have used on your phone and cleaning suggestions that are separated into helpful categories: such as old screenshots you keep, memes you downloaded but forgot, blurry photos, and even photos you’ve already uploaded to your Google Photos account and don’t need to keep locally on your phone.

How to Reclaim Space on Your Phone Using These Suggestions

To use these recommendations to reclaim some of your phone’s space, all you need to do is tap into one of the cleaning suggestions given to youand give the photos and the files they contain a second look to make sure they’re meant to be there. If you are happy with all the results and want to go ahead and take care of it, you can select the “All Items” option at the top right. If you only want to purge specific results, select them individually by tapping each one.

Once you have selected the photos and files that are not needed, go ahead and press the “Move xx files to Trash” button found at the bottom. Once you tap it, you should get a nice little animation showing the progress, followed by a confirmation that the files have been moved to the trash.

I just want the steps!

1. Open the Files by Google app and go to “To do the housework” tongue.

2. A list of cleaning tipsfrom this list choose the one you want to start with.

3. Review photos and files included in this category and select the ones you want to pursue or choose “All Items”.

4. Press “Move xx files to trash“.

That’s it! You have effectively recovered the space that was previously occupied by these files. You will need to repeat this process for all the suggestion categories you want. until you are satisfied with your progress and the storage space you have recovered. Be warned that this can get a little addictive as now you will want to delete anything that is taking up unnecessary space – trust me, I know that. other than that, this unique feature makes the Files by Google app a great addition and a very valuable tool to have.


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