This app beeps a lot every time your PC sends data to Google


A Dutch developer has created an app that can alert you whenever you press a word on your computer. Since your PC sends data to Google, this particular software will instantly beep as soon as you click on anything.

Beep app notifies you of data sent to Google

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Googerteller simply beeps each time you press a word on your keyboard.

Currently, almost all technology companies, especially those focusing on social media, monitor users’ activities online.

Google, for example, has tracked your search engine history so that it can suggest better results from your end. It doesn’t stop there as it also extends to advertising networks, hence what is known as Google Analytics.

Speaking of which, there is an original app that was recently released by Bert Hubert, a current government regulator and developer. The application is known as “Googerteller”.

According to Mashable, Googerteller generates a beeping sound once your PC provides data to Google. As you can see from his tweet, the app beeps every time he types a word using his keyboard.

The app relies on a list of IP addresses that Google provides for free. Although some of them relate to the majority of existing Google services, the exclusion covers those related to Google Cloud.

Once your PC is linked to one of the addresses, you will receive an alert in the form of a beep sound. Basically, a simple web browsing will allow you to hear continuous beeps. The same is true when you open a program.

Googerteller initial demo

According to 9to5Google, Huber demonstrated how the app solicits him when he visits the official Dutch government careers website.

In addition to clicking on the page, he tried to minimize the menus and even open them. All of these activities triggered beeps. The moment he entered the domain site, the beep sound started coming out.

Some people might wonder if this case is not exclusive to Google. To test it, Hubert experimented with another browser. This time he used Firefox and the results remained the same.

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Google Teller Limitation

At the time of writing, Googerteller is accessible only under Linux. However, if you want to run it on other platforms, you can do so with a Mac. Other people have had success accessing cross-platform versions of the app.

Indeed, it is interesting to know how Google collects our data without our knowledge. From typing a word to endlessly scrolling through a website, it’s been following our digital footprint ever since.

If you plan to use Google for this reason, you can restrict the tracking routine on your browser for better privacy protection.

You can check how to get privacy-centric extensions on Google Chrome via this guide.

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