These 16 apps have been removed from Google Play Store. Know why


Google reportedly removed 16 apps from the Play Store because they drained the battery very quickly and consumed a lot of data. The apps were also committing ad fraud by impersonating a user.

According to Ars Technica, the apps facilitated background redirects to web pages and clicked on advertisements.

The app activity was reportedly identified by cybersecurity firm McAfee.

These apps belonged to the category of utility apps. Many of them seemed to have simple functions like currency conversion, flashlight operation, QR code reading, etc. However, these apps turned out to have background functions.

Here is the list of deleted apps from Google Play Store

  • Quick note
  • Instagram profile downloader
  • Ez Notes
  • com.candlencom.flashlite
  • com.doubleline.calculation
  • Flashlight+
  • Joycode
  • EzDica
  • Currency converter
  • BusanBus
  • 8K Dictionary
  • com.smh.memocalendar memocalendar
  • Flashlight+
  • smart task manager
  • High speed camera

McAfee reportedly discovered that these apps automatically download code and access websites without any notification to the user. Apps would also click on links and advertisements.

The immense background activity not only drained the battery and consumed the network, but also increased the likelihood of the smartphone being infected with malware.

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