The “sublime electro-acoustic music” of the pioneer of the synthesizer Janet Beat released for the first time



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August 12, 2021



An introduction to the little-known electronic composer.

A collection of works by Janet Beat is published for the first time, as Twiddler button pioneer, on Trunk Records.

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Born in Staffordshire in 1937, Beat studied music at the University of Birmingham, later focusing on electronic music composition and concrete music.

In doing so, Beat found herself against the claustrophobic patriarchal values ​​of the time, with her own parents declaring that “women don’t make music.”

While his tape work from the early 1960s was destroyed by his father when he used the tapes to hang his tomato plants, Twiddler button pioneer collects Beat’s work from the late 1970s and 1980s for the first time.

It follows the label’s release of his Do what you like compilation, in October.

Buy a copy of Twiddler button pioneer here, and check out the illustrations and track list below.

List of tracks:

1. Dancing on the moonbeams
2. Headlights
3. The waltz of the headlights
4. Echoes of Bali
5. A willow tree swept by the train
6. Shirabé
7. Piangam

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