The Stadia store and free games will be accessible without an account


Although not yet fully rolled out, Google Stadia Store access restrictions are now fully lifted. Until now, you had to sign in to the service using your Google account, but as announced at the Google For Games Developer Summit 2022, anyone wanting to access free games, game demos, or just looking around without to commit beforehand to sign up are now in luck!

To be clear, you will still need to log in to your Stadia account in order to purchase games or pay for DLCs or add-ons. Plus, you’ll need to log in to message your friends or join group chats, of course. Pretty much anything that requires you to have a single identity will require a login, but no longer needing to type in a username or password to look around takes a huge burden off the entry bar, especially for new or potential Stadia converts.

In the coming weeks, everyone will be able to access and search the entire Stadia store and its more than 200 games, without having to create or sign in to a Stadia account. Players will be able to find Stadia games through Google search and explore Stadia’s library of completely free games or demos to try, Stadia Pro’s 50+ games, publisher sales, or 100+ games launching on Stadia this year.

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Because we couldn’t set up the store without logging in yet, we show a snippet of the process without an account from 9to5Google. Google says this feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so you might just have to be patient and keep checking back.

Free games on Stadia without a Pro account (and now without an account at all) include Crayta, Destiny 2, HITMAN – Free Starter Pack, Nine To Five Early Access, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (these publishers really like to use all caps for game titles). games, right?), Super Animal Royale and SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE.

If you want to try out a free demo on Stadia to test out the cloud technology and see what all the fuss is about, you can currently expect Chorus, Immortals Fenyx Rising, RAINBOW SIX: EXTRACTION, and Resident Evil Village, though those are likely to change. change. Oh and Risk of Rain 2 gets a free one-hour demo too! The fact that you can literally just click or visit a link and start playing a AAA title through your Chrome browser without any commitment is nothing short of mind-blowing and should serve Google well in bolstering its user base as more and more people discover the joy of cloud gaming.


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