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Here are Apple’s new account deletion requirements and Google’s new policy for app developers to provide additional privacy and security information to users of their apps.

Apple’s new account deletion requirement

Starting January 31, 2022, Apple Store apps that allow users to create an in-app account must also allow the app user to delete their account from within the app itself. This is a change from previous practices, where some user accounts could only be deleted by contacting the company or filling out an online form.

As of June 30, 2022, all app submissions must include this feature. Otherwise, the application will not be added to the Apple App Store.

This change reduces the difficulty often associated with trying to delete a user account. Adding account deletion features to apps will make it easier for users to control their data privacy by allowing them to choose to delete their account from within the app, without having to go through the deletion process on the app’s website. business or having frustrating calls with the customer. service. We hope this step in the right direction will reduce the barriers preventing consumers from taking control of their data privacy.

Google’s new requirement to provide privacy and security details

App developers who request to list their app in the Google Play Store now have the option to provide additional details about their app’s privacy and security practices in a new data security section of the app description. ‘application. If the app is approved and listed, this privacy and security information will be displayed along with the app’s description in the Google Play Store.

From April 2022, app developers must have their data security section approved and provide a privacy policy in order for their apps to be added to the Google Play Store.

This is a change from previous practices, as the Data Security section is new and privacy policies were previously only required for apps that collected personal and sensitive user data. Now, ALL new apps must include an approved data security section and privacy policy.

These changes will improve transparency in two ways:

  • Ensures that all apps listed on the Play Store include data security and privacy policy information with the app listing, which means that the consumer can always review this information before deciding to download the app.

  • Consistency in the way information is presented to the consumer. The information will be in the same places in each app listing: the Data Security section and the Privacy Policy section. Consistency in the presentation of information is essential to allow consumers to easily compare the privacy and security practices of different apps, allowing them to make informed choices based on their privacy and security needs.

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