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Monitoring validator performance and checking staking returns is now easier than ever.

LONDON, UK, March 5, 2022 / — Developer “FlyingKing” has uploaded its blockchain and governance monitoring app “SWAPARI” to the Google Play Store.

The app offers its users a clear overview of the latest channel metrics along with the means to monitor staking stats for both SwapDEX Main network and the Kusari Testnet developers.

List of features included at the moment:

– Overview of validator and nominator stats like minimum and average stake, last block number, last block rewards
– View pending individual claims
– The ability to claim rewards from the mobile app
– Substrate Wallet Watcher (read only)
– Basic color-coded validator and nominator health warnings
– A nominator tool that sorts validators according to the gains it brings. User can select desired amount of SDX to bet and number of validators
he or she wants to distribute the funds.

The Application is based on Google’s Flutter technology. The app connects to a backend server (Ubuntu-based system) via a secure REST API, which fetches data from the SwapDEX blockchain in the background.
Polkadot.js ( is used to establish the connection to the substrate chain and retrieve the relevant data.

Upcoming features include:

– Complete staking statistics on validators and nominators
– Provide VPS system state like CPU/DISC/MEM (in collaboration with SwapDEX development team)
– Background monitoring and alerts (for example, when the commission fee for the validator you appoint increases or when a validator drops below a certain rank
in all active masternodes)

If you are using an iOS device, you can access the tool through the web app at:

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