The best Google Chrome games for 2022


When most people think of Google Chrome, the search engine itself or apps like Gmail and Google Docs are usually the first things that come to mind. The long list of free games in the browser of Google Chrome is not well known.

Google Chrome, in fact, has a huge range of apps and games of different genres that users can play on their mobile devices or laptop. With stars like 2048 Where Potholingamong so many others, you are sure to find something you like.

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Boxel Rebound

Boxel Rebound is easily one of Chrome’s most impressive auto-runners, thanks to the latest updates that have made the final levels even more nerve-wracking. It is based on Chrome, but Boxel ReboundThe full content of includes 50 levels, eight player skins and even a level editor.

Players of this game can create and share their levels, warranting a comparison with Super Mario Maker Lite. You will oscillate between pleasure and frustration thanks to the many options and a high level of difficulty.

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Thieves in town

Autorun platforms are the bread and butter of the free browser game scene, but these games can be turned into something more interesting with a simple tweak.

In Thieves in town, you play as two separate criminals trying to escape from a local bank with their stash of cash in tow. One directional arrow controls the first thief, while another controls the second, and they both need to be used to avoid obstacles and get more money.

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happy friday

happy friday follows an orange monster creature as it evades red monster creatures and eats donuts. It’s a free and fast game, but the controls are easy, so people of all ages can play.

Although there is not much to this game in terms of strategy, you have to avoid obstacles and figure out how to use the environment around you to pass levels and fight red monsters. You can turn into a ball to go faster and pass through tubes and pipes or stand up to be able to jump.

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HTML5 caving

Spelunky player jumping over a gap.

Cult Favorite HTML5 caving is like an 8-bit Indiana Jones adventure with whips, snakes and more. Essentially, you help a cave diver, Spelunky, search for gold and his lost girlfriend while avoiding traps and deadly animals. The controls are incredibly easy.

If you die in the game, you are not sent back to the start. Instead, the game generates a new set of randomized levels so you don’t feel like you’re going back.

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Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD is the best ragdoll based runner in google chrome store. With 80 unique levels, multiple vehicle types, and tons of unlockable achievements, the game offers plenty of challenges to complete. However, the game’s best feature is its strong user community. Free Rider HD also gives players the ability to create their own detailed 2D racing levels. Players have created over 50,000 custom levels so far, which you can use to challenge your friends or the global leaderboards. Whereas you can read it directly in your Chrome browser, Free Rider HD has a surprising amount of content to offer.

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treasure arena

With treasure arena, up to four friends can face off in a retro-style grudge match that mimics the old-school arcade games of yesteryear. Each level is littered with enemy monsters that you and your friends must eradicate together while simultaneously competing to collect the most coins. As you take down enemies, you can loot treasure chests for better weapons and gear, giving you a competitive edge over your friends. As far as Google Chrome games go, this is one of the most fully realized – few compromises were made in development treasure arena for the accessible platform.

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