The best Google Chrome extensions in 2022: Do more with your browser


Chrome is a fabulous browser – fast, well-designed, and packed with essential features – but that’s just the beginning. The real strength of Chrome is the huge library of add-ons that give it endless new functions and capabilities.

In fact, the Chrome Web Store has so many extensions that it’s hard to know which ones will really make a difference in your daily browsing.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best Chrome extensions. These are the ones we have installed in our own browsers. Try them out and transform your online experience.

Last pass

(Image credit: LastPass)

Keep your passwords in one place and automatically log in to accounts

It’s no secret that using secure passwords everywhere is an essential part of staying safe online, but when something like [email protected]!kklEc is so hard to remember, it’s tempting to use 123456 everywhere instead.

Last pass solves the problem by creating a different strong password for each site, storing it locally in an encrypted vault, and auto-filling web forms and logins as needed. You just need to remember one master password, and LastPass takes care of almost everything else on its own.

Unlike some password managers, you don’t have to add all your usernames and passwords to a database before you can use it (unless you want to). Simply install the extension and each time you log into an online account, you will be asked if you want to register it. It’s wonderfully convenient.

Evernote Web Clipper

(Image credit: Evernote)

Cut web pages, text snippets or bookmarks and read them later

If you’re researching a project or just find yourself distracted by interesting articles while you’re trying to work, Evernote Web Clipper is fantastic.

When you find something you want to read, click on the elephant icon and Evernote will allow you to save the entire article, a simplified version of it (without images or formatting), an entire page, a screenshot or just a bookmark.

You can choose which notebook it should be attached to and add tags and notes if you wish, although this is optional. If you’re in a hurry, you can cut something in just two clicks. By default, Evernote Web Clipper picks your last used settings when recording a new clip.

Evernote Web Clipper also integrates into the context menu, allowing you to clip a page, screenshot, or bookmark by right-clicking on a page, and there are customizable keyboard shortcuts too.

When you have some free time, log into your account at or use the web app and whatever you’ve cut will be there, ready to read.


(Image credit: Pocket)

Not in Evernote? Pocket is a great alternative and suggests additional content

save in pocket (formerly known as Read it Later) works much like Evernote Web Clipper, letting you save things of interest during your daily browsing.

Save to Pocket lets you save web pages, links, images, files and more to a central list, then automatically sync the results across all your devices.

It’s a great system for searching the web. Whether you add pages or links on your phone, tablet, or desktop, they’re immediately available for browsing on any of the others.

When you save something to Pocket, the extension suggests other content you might like. If that’s not enough, users in the US can also see Pocket’s trending topics using the Pocket New Tab extension.


(Image credit: FoxClocks)

Get a fully customizable world clock in your browser’s status bar

FoxClocks is a simple idea, brilliantly executed. It shows you the time of different countries at the bottom of your browser, so you don’t have to search for the same information on Google. That’s it.

FoxClocks takes daylight saving time into account, so you can be sure you won’t miss an hour-long important meeting or deadline, and you can see the time in any format you want.

Choose a time zone or search for a city to add it to Chrome’s status bar. If that seems too crowded, the locations can also be accessed by clicking the button next to your browser’s address bar.

The big ramp

(Image credit: suspensionlabs)

Suspend tabs that are not in use to free up RAM and improve performance

Chrome is a notorious memory hog, and with multiple tabs open it can tie up even generously equipped PCs. The big ramp solves the problem by suspending tabs that you are not currently using.

It’s also smart – you can whitelist certain domains and URLs that you’d rather not suspend (your email provider, for example) and prevent tabs that are currently playing media or displaying forms from being suspended in order to do not lose the information you have entered.

If you don’t want to quit Chrome but are fed up with its RAM-consuming ways, this extension could be a game-changer.

Wrangler Tab

(Image credit: Tab Wrangler)

Automatically closes inactive tabs after a certain amount of time

If you’re the type of person who ends up with dozens or even hundreds of tabs open while browsing, Wrangler tab well deserves your attention. Going a step further than The Great Suspender, it works by closing tabs you haven’t used in a while. If that sounds alarming, don’t worry – all closed tabs are saved in Tab Wrangler’s “corral” (nice cowboy metaphors) so you can reopen them with a click. Any tabs you really need to keep open can be pinned to keep them in place.

Tab Wrangler is great for tab junkies, but keep in mind that it doesn’t save the state of a page, so if you’ve worked on something in a web app or form, it will be lost. when the tab is closed.

Full page screenshot

(Image credit:

Grab an entire webpage with just one click and download it in JPG format

Firefox Quantum includes a built-in full-page screenshot tool, and Full page screenshot can add the same to Chrome.

The extension doesn’t need any special permissions – just install it, then click the icon in your browser or press Alt+Shift+P to take a full-page screenshot.

The page will scroll as it is captured and you are advised not to move your mouse over it until it is complete. Once done, the resulting image will open in a new window, ready for download. It’s a particularly handy tool for saving web pages that you want to read offline.

In the unlikely even that the page is too big to grab at one time, the full-page screenshot will warn you and break it up into manageable chunks instead.


(Image credit: Pushbullet)

Send and receive messages and receive call notifications in your browser

Distracted by the smartphone on your desk? Pushbullet puts all your chat services in your browser, including WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and even SMS messages.

You’ll get notifications when you receive messages and calls (provided you have an Android phone), and dismissing them on your desktop will also clear them from your handset.

If you’re at your desk anyway, why not make full use of your keyboard and mouse? Sending text messages from your computer is much easier than using a fiddly touchscreen, and sharing links is effortless.


(Image credit: elegant)

Give unattractive web pages a new look with custom color schemes

Some web pages are incredibly useful but, frankly, ugly. That’s where Stylish comes in. This handy Chrome extension lets you apply custom skins to web pages, giving them an instant makeover to make them look better.

If reading black text on a white background gives you a headache, you’ll appreciate the abundance of specially designed themes for sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Google. There are also themes for all the biggest video hosting sites for a more enjoyable viewing experience on YouTube, Vimeo and more.

You can edit all installed themes and create your own with the sleek CSS editor if you’re feeling creative.

Adblock Plus

(Image credit: AdBlock Plus)

Block ads and tracking cookies to improve speed and privacy

It would be remiss of us not to mention Adblock Plus, the best-known ad blocker for Chrome. Installation is quick and easy, and the benefits are immediately apparent. Simply point your browser to an ad-heavy site, the Adblock Plus icon will show a count of everything blocked, and you’ll likely find most pages load much faster.

The other strong point of Adblock Plus is its extreme configurability. Whether you just want to block the extension from running on a particular site, perhaps to avoid causing problems, or want to use a whole new set of ad blocking rules, the Options dialog offers tools to help you.

All we will say is that most websites rely on advertising, so maybe consider disabling ad blockers on user-friendly sites like TechRadar.


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