Tech News LIVE Updates Today: Solar Storms, Asteroids, Sony LinkBuds to Google Play Store App bans


Technology News LIVE Updates Today, August 3, 2022: Find out all the important news and happenings in the world of technology and space, Google Play Store app bans, the next asteroid sighting, solar storms, the launch of Sony LinkBud and more.

Updates from Technology News LIVE – August 3, 2022: The iQOO 9T went on sale yesterday and managed to impress analysts with its value offerings. But before you consider buying, know what our review says. A latest rumor claims that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might come with a 200 MP camera. Solar activities have also increased this

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Top smartphone launches in August

Some big name smartphones will be launched in August. Whether you’re looking to buy a new smartphone or just an enthusiast, you need to check this out. Read: html

Realme Watch 3 is a feature-rich yet affordable device

If you are looking for a smartwatch under Rs. 3,500, the Realme Watch 3 is one of the options you get. With a large display, Bluetooth calling and more, the device offers a feature-rich presentation. But should you buy it? Find out in our review:

Sony LinkBuds have arrived in India and they bring an innovative way to listen to music

Sony LinkBuds, with its open ring design and audio transparency, was launched in India. But what does he offer. Find out here:

This crazy Venus mission will see a spacecraft brake in space

In a first, the European Space Agency (ESA) has planned a Venus mission whose ultimate task would be to slow the spacecraft 250,000 kilometers above the planet. Read: html

Google Play Store bans 13 dangerous apps!

Google Play Store has banned 13 malicious apps from its platform. These apps are dangerous and can steal money from the device they were installed on. Check if you have any of these installed: dangerous-here -71659514298535.html

NASA shares the largest ever image of the Andromeda galaxy

On Monday, NASA shared the largest ever image of the Andromeda galaxy. Check out these amazing images of our neighboring galaxy:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to get the highest resolution camera sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may sport a 200MP sensor for its main camera, making history, according to a latest rumor. Check the details now:

A solar storm is expected to hit Earth today

According to, a solar storm is expected to hit Earth today. It is caused by fast-moving solar winds that have escaped from the Sun’s atmosphere. Read more about it here:

A gigantic 1,200ft wide asteroid is hurtling towards Earth today

The past few days have seen asteroid activity increase exponentially. Last weekend, two massive asteroids flew past Earth for days in a row, and our planet narrowly escaped the event. And now, continuing the asteroid bombardment, NASA has confirmed that another asteroid will approach Earth today, August 3. And this asteroid could be the most dangerous of them all. Details here: -mph-71659499150992.html

The iQOO 9T review is here; Know if you should invest in the smartphone

In our review, we found the iQOO 9T to be a capable but not very “fun” beast. Check here:


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