Switching from an iPhone to an Android 12 device? This Google app makes it easy for you


Switching from iPhone to any Android 12 device can be done easily with the Switch to Android app. Here’s how it works.

Are you planning to switch from iPhone to Android? Does the idea of ​​transferring all your data to different platforms bother you? If the answer is yes, you are in luck. Google has long offered an app to help new Pixel buyers switch from an iPhone. This app has been largely limited to Pixel devices only and for everyone else, you need to see if that particular device manufacturer has their own app to host. You were lucky if you had a Samsung phone, but for everyone else it was a challenge. Fortunately, Google has now lifted the barrier.

The Switch to Android app on iOS has just received an update and now supports the ability to transfer data from any iPhone to any Android device running Android 12. Yes, that’s the catch – you can only transfer to an Android 12 smartphone. Although it’s strange to see Google not supporting Android 11 devices, most buyers who buy an Android smartphone are likely to choose one with Android 12.

Switch to the Android app gets an update

The process requires you to have a few things on hand and to spend some time transferring.

-First, you need to download Switch to Android app on your iPhone from App Store.

-Then open it and follow the instructions.

-The app will ask you to connect the iPhone to your new Android phone. This won’t be a big deal for those who have a post-2020 iPhone that came with a USB_C to Lightning port. For everyone else, they must have this cable.

-Once the cable is connected, your Android phone will let you choose all the data you want to copy from your iPhone. WhatsApp data can now also be transferred from iPhone to Android, and you should receive the prompt automatically.

-Let the transfer process complete itself. Once done, you are now ready to use your Android phone.

– With the Switch to Android app, you can transfer contacts, photos, and videos, including those stored in iCloud. You can also copy your SMS, MMS, and iMessage texts and media. In addition to WhatsApp data, all other apps will be downloaded to the Android device (provided they have an Android version). The app can also transfer custom wallpapers, call logs, alarms, device settings, etc.


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