San Diego teenager nominated for San Diego Music Award


British singer-songwriter Pip Lewis moved to San Diego with an important mental health message.

SAN DIEGO – Many musicians will tell you; they can sing about issues in their lives that are often too difficult to tackle.

In this Zevely Zone, I went to Studio West in Rancho Bernardo to meet a talented teenager. Raised an hour south of London in Hampshire, Pip Lewis moved to San Diego seven years ago. The 18-year-old British singer-songwriter not only has a beautiful voice, but his lyrics and inner voice are filled with a meaningful message about mental health.

“I wrote about it in my music, but I have depression, anxiety, and OCD and yeah, they sucked and they were tough,” Pip said.

Pip started singing in first grade and bought a guitar two years later. The recent high school graduate enjoys surprising her fans by dropping songs on Instagram.

“She’s amazing, she did an amazing job,” said Pip’s mother Jo Lewis, who told me that her daughter’s musical abilities weren’t her only strength. “She’s stubborn which helps as she perseveres and she’s a perfectionist and she makes sure everything she posts is amazing.”

The San Diego teenager’s song, “People Like You,” is nominated for a San Diego Music Award in the “Best Folk / Acoustic” category.

The lyrics are: “I want to fix the world but I don’t know how. But if I had the chance, I would understand it,” Pip sings.

The freelance singer-songwriter’s debut album features 14 songs. I asked her what it was like to be nominated for an award.

“It was a surreal feeling to be honest,” said Pip, who admits his music can sound deep and dark. “I think a lot of people assume I’m really calm and reserved.”

But listen carefully and the music is full of hope.

“Life has a funny way of training,” Pip said. “Things work out in the end and whatever happens, it tends to be for the best.”

For those with mental health issues, Pip said, don’t wait for someone to help you, consider therapy and find your passion.

“Remember how wonderful the world is because it is truly remarkable,” Pip said. “As long as people are listening, I will play.”

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The recent La Jolla Country Day graduate produces and develops her own music. Pip’s music has been shown on the BBC and 91X, and has performed at international venues such as House of Blues, Queen Bee’s and The ROXY.

She hopes her words can inspire all people, young and old, facing loss, adversity, and physical and mental challenges.

If you want to know more about Pip Lewis’ debut album, “Human Nature”, click here.

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