Rovio has removed its games from the Russian and Belarusian Google Play Store and App Store


After Mojang and Supercellyet another studio in the form of Rovio joined the growing ranks of big names in the game industry who are protesting in their own way against the actions of the Russian government by stopping their services in the Russian Federation. Rovio, in a recent announcement, said it had removed all of its games from app stores, including Google Play and Apple App Store in Russia. Moreover, the actions were also carried out in Belarus, one of the countries which recently gave its support to Russia and which is rejected in the same way.

No upcoming Rovio game updates will be available in Russia and Belarus at this time

In addition to announcing the removal of all its games from the Google Play Store and the App Store in Russia and Belarus, Rovio has disabled all in-app purchases in already downloaded games. Also, no upcoming Rovio game updates will be available in Russia and Belarus at this time.

In addition to this, Rovio has announced that advertising space for its games in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will now be used to promote the services of organizations such as UNICEF.

Rovio brings back Angry Birds, Rovio sued for violation of children's privacy
Image via Rovio

After this announcement, the studio behind games like angry Birds joined others like Mojang and Supercell as they aim to do something for make a difference and support Ukraine during this crisis. Their efforts are actually helping Ukraine in their fight against the invasion, if only a little bit and it’s really good to see the gaming community step in and have a positive impact on a conflict that will remain in history.

It is likely that other studios will also join in spreading this movement to show their support. This move by Rovio will also likely be reversed once peace is restored, although it’s unclear how long that will take.

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