Review: Bellroy’s Pixel 6 Leather Case is one of the best


Although I think we all wish we lived in a world without smartphone cases, they are a necessary thing for many. In my Pixel 6 Pro review, I said the phone was so smooth it required a case. Recently, I purchased Bellroy’s Leather Case for my Pixel 6 Pro, and while I’m happy with it, it’s far from terrific.

Bellroy has been a long-time Google partner when it comes to Pixel accessories, and this year’s partnership has resulted in Bellroy’s “most popular product ever” in this Pixel 6/Pro case. Stock was hard to come by for months, but things calmed down at this point.

It’s pretty easy to see why so many people flocked to this case. It’s thin, but it still has enough lip to leave a screen protector, and the case is grippy on all sides. The camera bar is completely cut out with gray accents around the module and buttons. These buttons aren’t hard to click either, but they lose a good deal of their tactile feel. The cutouts are perfectly precise and the case is easy to put on without being too tight. It really just gets all the key elements of a case.

And beyond that, he does everything for one within reason the price. Bellroy is asking $49 for its Pixel 6 cases whether you buy it from the Google Store, Amazon or elsewhere. You can also buy it in several different colors. On Amazon you can buy the case for both phones in Blackbasalt, cobalt and Terracotta – the one I chose. The smaller Pixel 6 is also getting a “Sea Mist” color both on Amazon and on the Google Storeand the Pixel 6 Pro has a “Biscotti” color variant which we could only find on the Google Store, which seems to be a perfect match for the Pixel 6 Pro “Sorta Sunny” color.

While Bellroy’s Pixel 6 case hits most of the high marks, and really is a great case, I have a hard time calling it a great one. leather case, because it lacks a key element. Patina.

Over time, genuine leather cases develop wear and tear that can look really good. Scuffs and scratches on a leather case only make it look better, and the constant sliding in and out of a pocket often darkens the color of a leather case and gives the visual appearance a bit more depth. and texture.

Patina is a good thing for leather cases, but that’s just not Bellroy’s goal. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the patina of leather is something that comes down to personal preference. Some hate it while others, myself included, love it. A quick look through some longer experiences with Bellroy’s leather cases shows that patina does not develop on this material very kindly at all. Bellroy uses genuine leather, but the company’s “flexible polymer” material is likely the biggest reason for the lack of patina.

But the hardest part right now is, if you want a leather case for a Pixel 6, Bellroy is pretty much the only choice. A quick search through Amazon shows off a bunch of leather cases for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but you’d be hard pressed to find any household names outside of Bellroy. dbrand is one of the only names which come to mind to add a leather look to the Pixel 6, but the company’s case is only leather on the back, not the sides, and it’s also a thicker design. Still, this might be a better path for patina – the Fold 3 skin I’m using from dbrand’s leather collection already looks great.

Really, I just want Nomad back as an option.

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