Peak Design’s Pixel 6 Pro phone case is worth the ridiculously long wait


Before Peak Designs offered a phone case for my brand new Pixel 6 Pro, I had never heard of the company. Joe has ordered many camera accessories from them in the past, but for me, personally, the name was new. All I knew was that this phone case they offered was the most gorgeous, sleek, and professional design I had seen available for Google’s new device, and I just had to have it.

I would, but not for several months due to “supply chain issues”. Believe it or not, I designed my Peak Designs Pixel 6 Pro Charcoal Phone Case all the way back on April 7 of this year. After three months and several emails with the company, I received it a few weeks ago. Before I got it, I was rocking the standard transparent plastic case from the Google Store.

This case is incredibly popular and incredibly hard to get.

Being honest with your customers isn’t rocket science: tell people how things went wrong, do what you can to make things less bad, and show empathy. Generally, when you do these things, your customers will empathize in return. Relationships are built on mutual respect, and the best way to get respect is to give it.

Adam Saraceno – Marketing Director, Peak Design

After shaking the Peak Design case for a while, I just want to reassure you that despite this incredibly long and frustrating wait, it is one hundred percent worth it. If you have an order right now and you’ve received multiple messages that your accessory won’t ship when expected and it keeps getting pushed back, it may be tempting to refund your forty bucks and go somewhere else. , but you may regret it.

The quality you see in the picture above and everything you keep hearing about the case is accurate and true to life. It’s extremely well constructed, the cloth doesn’t get dirty easily, looks incredibly professional and feels great in the hand. My only complaint is that the black plastic top of the case above the camera looks a bit scuffed. Luckily, it’s not very easy to notice since it’s a darker color.

Oh, there’s actually one last thing – the camera cutout isn’t raised on the case, which means anytime I put my Pixel down on a flat surface like a tile or a table glass, I quickly remembered the fact that it had direct contact with the glass of my phone’s camera, and I was a little afraid of scratching or breaking it.

Those two asides, I’ve never owned a phone case made with such care and quality, and I don’t know if I ever will. Normally companies that have supply problems lose my business right away, but the call of the case was so strong that I held it for three whole months and couldn’t be happier. I really don’t believe Peak Design could have done much more to get what they needed to create more stock, and their customer service was incredibly kind and understood my frustrations.

I haven’t used the interesting cutout on the back of the device for mounts and such yet, and I can’t wait to start exploring the possibilities once I have some free time to do some shopping. . If you share my sentiment and want to encourage those who are still patiently waiting for their Everyday case to hold on a little longer, comment below and share your experience with the phone case!


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