New Google app will allow Android games to run natively on Windows devices



Windows PC users will soon be able to play Android games on their devices, The Verge reported. This is made possible by a new Google Play Games app that is being developed which will allow playing Android games on the Windows platform. What is important with the development is that the application is fully developed by Google and not in partnership with Microsoft.

Google also said it focused on continuity when developing the apps, which means games played on one device can be continued from that point on on another device. Thus, players will be able to seamlessly switch between different devices, which can also be a Windows tablet, laptop, desktop or Chromebook. Interestingly, Microsoft has a partnership with Amazon that allows Windows users to natively run apps from Amazon Appstore apps on their Windows devices.

Microsoft also tested Android apps on Windows 11 devices using what was described as Windows Subsystem for Android. This made it possible to run Android applications from different sources in a Windows environment. The upcoming Google app will also have native support and doesn’t just involve streaming the game from the cloud. The application will be compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 platforms.

Amazon and Google will provide millions of free and paid apps for users to install. There will be a myriad of e-reading and productivity apps, as well as digital drawing and note-taking apps. Maybe you won’t find apps with the best online casinos to win money, surely there will be many gaming apps to choose from.

As for the app’s availability, Google said it won’t happen until 2022, though the company declined to elaborate on that. Before that, Google teased the app during the Game Award. Google doesn’t reveal what technology they’re using to bring Android gaming apps to Windows devices, however. No one should be bothered as long as they manage to run the Android games on their Windows devices.


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