New Google app helps people with speech disabilities: How to join the Project Relate beta test to help


Google is developing an app to help people with speech difficulties communicate more easily. The app is called Project Relate. On top of that, the company is looking for English speakers to join its beta testing.

New Google App: Introducing Project Relate

In a Google blog post, Google AI Product Manager Julie Cattiau said Project Relate is a new Android app that aims to help people with speech difficulties easily communicate with and interact with other people. through a Google Assistant.

Said Relate project can help people with stroke, ALS, cerebral palsy, head trauma or Parkinson’s disease to communicate better.

“Project Relate is the continuation of years of research by the Google Speech and Research teams, made possible by over one million speech samples recorded by participants in our research efforts,” Cattiau continued on the blog.

Regarding the said research, Google created the Euphonia project last year, in which several people around the world recorded various phrases. Said project used AI to increase the ability of computers to interpret a variety of speech patterns, including altered speech, according to Google.

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In this regard, the American technological multinational seems to extend its tests even further thanks to its Relate project. Additionally, the company is looking for English-speaking testers, who have speech difficulties, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States to try out the app and provide feedback to improve. the Google app.

Early testers of Project Relate will be asked to record a set of sentences, which will be used by the program to automatically learn to better understand unique speech patterns. Testers will have access to the app’s three main features, such as listen, repeat, and assistant.

  • Listen: The Google app transcribes recorded speech into text in real-time using the listen-in feature, which allows testers to copy and paste the text into other apps and let others read the message they wish to transmit.
  • Repeat: The repeat function allows the participant to repeat what they have said in a clear, synthesized voice. Google expects this to be useful, especially in face-to-face conversations or when controlling the Home Assistant.
  • Assistant: From the Relate app, testers must communicate directly with their Google Assistant to perform activities like turning on the lights or playing a tune while performing other tasks.

Additionally, Cattiau said Google’s voice recognition system could be upgraded to better understand people with speech issues, according to Cnet.

“Standard speech recognition doesn’t always work as well for people with atypical speech because the algorithms weren’t trained on samples of their speech,” she explained.

How to join the Project Relate beta test

For those who wish to participate in beta testing of the Google Project Relate application, they must complete this form. Once completed, the Google team will contact applicants in the coming months.

Keep in mind that only interested participants who have a condition that makes their speech difficult to understand are eligible to participate in the Project Relate beta test.

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