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NASHVILLE, TENN. – May 29, 2020 – Country duo amount To cross Atlantic released an acoustic version of their latest single, “Just a Word” available today on all digital streaming platforms and digital retailers.
The stripped-down ballad of this meaningful love song shines a light on the emotional and personal lyrics of the sacred moment when you meet your person forever, and the word love becomes more than just a language that others casually use. With a more laid back tempo than the original single, it’s perfect for a slow (socially distant) dance with a loved one this wedding season.

The year-long autobiographical lyrics were inspired by the connection they felt when they first met in 2015 at a Nashville cafe. At the time, Karli Chayne was pursuing a career as a solo singer-songwriter. James Sinclair-Stott, from the UK, was visiting Nashville.

“This song has been such a shining light for us and our fans,” says Karli “it made us all look back on special moments with those we love. We encouraged our fans to share their love stories with us by sending photos and videos with loved ones to share on our social media.It was great talking about all the good and we wanted to bring this song to life with an acoustic version because seeing and hearing the positive things is what that we could all use a little more at right now.

“I slowed down and recorded a relaxing acoustic guitar part in our guest room, which also doubles as a home studio,” says James, who produced the track. “The lower feel gave Karli’s voice more room to breathe and allowed her to really connect with the lyrics.”

Earlier this year, the duo and couple released a full length single from “Just a Word”, light and irresistible with an arena-ready groove the single landed on. Spotify New Music Nashville playlist in its first week. February 19 Billboard exclusively presented the official music video directed by Jon Karr. The heartfelt video mixes personal wedding footage from their September 24, 2019 nuptials at The Estate at Cherokee Dock in Gallatin, TN with an acoustic performance by the couple.


During quarantine, Cross Atlantic continued their songwriting sessions with co-writers via Zoom, and recorded demos in their home studio as well as played from their home for Live quarantine, a weekly live broadcast on Facebook where they perform requests for cover songs from fans.

Happy to hit the road and perform live again, they are gearing up for two shows currently scheduled for June 6 at Texas Music City in Lindale, TX and June 20 in Karli’s hometown of Bolivar, MO at The Boiler. Room.

ABOUT ATLANTIC CROSS: Cross Atlantic is made up of powerful singer and songwriter Karli Chayne from Bolivar, MO and English musician-producer James Sinclair-Stott from Huddersfield, UK. Although they grew up in different worlds, they bonded with common creative and rural upbringings after a chance encounter at the Crema Cafe in Nashville in 2015. When they began to unveil their souls through the writing of songs, they discovered an undeniable and forever creative partnership that successfully blended Sinclair-Stott’s British rock experience with Chayne’s rich heritage as a seasoned performer of the Missourian Ozarks.

2019 was a pivotal year for the duo and the budding couple, both professionally and personally. The March release of their debut EP, “Beginnings,” featured the lead single, “Slow,” a mind-boggling and uplifting track that was featured on Spotify New Music Nashville playlist for four weeks. Apple Music featured the opening of the EP “Call It A Night” on its Country Wide playlist for six months. They tied the knot on September 24 at Middle Tennessee’s The Estate at Cherokee Dock in front of an intimate crowd of friends and family. In November, CMT Next Up Now created the video for “Everybody’s Looking for Love,” a one-shot video that tells the story of their romantic and musical partnership, starting with a loose description of their first meeting in Crema. That same month, they released “Everyday’s Like Christmas”, an original by the revolutionary ’90s country group, Little Texas, adding to the duo’s growing catalog of holiday songs, Christmas Tunes.



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