Music Monday 07/13: Acoustic Music, Murray Music on the Lawn


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  • Carey Braswell
  • Tom brousseau

Acoustic Music SLC welcomes Tom Brosseau, Branson Anderson

Not only has Acoustic Music reopened (with rules one at a time and a must have mask, of course), but they are helping to safely revitalize the existence of live music performances too. Their Facebook page has been a mine of information and entertainment during the pandemic, from their Virtual Song Challenges which call on shop fans to post covers of their favorite acoustic songs, to hosting a virtual show in their home. shop at the end of June for the release of the new album by the famous acoustic troubadour Tom Brosseau What i mean is goodbye. Now owner Megan Peters opens her backyard for a concert with like-minded and folk-spirit Brosseau and Ogdenite Branson Anderson. Better yet, Peters is helping these boys recoup some of their well-deserved funds – which the pandemic has no doubt reduced – by paying the full $ 25 ticket fee to the artists themselves. Tickets are limited to 30 to maintain social distancing in Peter’s backyard; go to Acoustic Music to claim a ticket or find other payment information, or deposit Peters money via PayPal to [email protected] Follow Acoustic Music SLC on Facebook for more information and updates on future shows, times and, of course, their stash of fine instruments.

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Murray hosts music on the lawn

All the fun of going outside on warm summer evenings is one thing that maybe wasn’t completely changed by the pandemic, because being outdoors is one of the only safe ways to be anywhere near someone else right now. From top to bottom of the valley, there are ways to enjoy the outdoors and the music at the same time, and Murray has his own offering. Murray Arts in the Park is launching its first Family Fun Night series, which will feature the lightness of bluegrass, courtesy of Pick’ee Out the Stingers, four pieces from Salt Lake. Rock out the Monday blues and claim a spot at Grant Park Baseball Field (6150 S Main Street) tonight (July 13) at 7 p.m., where participants are encouraged to wear masks and keep their distance from others. participants. Since the area is small, reservations are encouraged to get one of the socially remote locations and can be made by calling 801-264-2635. Bring your own snacks for a picnic, and maybe you just start going downstairs to enjoy the music for the rest of the summer. We all need a little breathing room these days, and there’s no better way to relax than among the twilight, the air, and a wholesome haze of bug spray to ward off the skeeters.


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