Microsoft Edge: Switching from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge: What data can you import and how


Switching browsers is not that difficult. But yes, it depends on what you are using in your browser. Microsoft Edge also allows users to import almost all of their data from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The first condition is that you must do Microsoft Edge your default browser. Moreover, there are few things you need to remember while importing data from your Chrome browser to Microsoft Edge.
When you first run the new Microsoft Edge, you have the option to import browser data from your primary browser. Microsoft Edge uses internet data usage to detect the primary browser. It determines that any browser with Internet data usage of 90% or more is the primary browser. Otherwise, it assumes the old Microsoft Edge is the primary browser.
If Google Chrome is detected as your primary browser, Microsoft Edge offers you the option to import data from Google Chrome and asks for your explicit consent to import the data.
How to choose the types of data you want to import
To review the data types you can import from Google Chrome, go to Settings and more > Settings > Profiles > Import browser data (edge://settings/importData).
All data is imported from Google Chrome
* Favorites or bookmarks: Select this option to import bookmarks from the bookmark bar of Google Chrome to the bookmark bar of Microsoft Edge. Bookmarks in the Other Bookmarks folder will be imported into Microsoft Edge’s Other Favorites folder.
To remember : Duplicate folders on the same path are merged. Duplicate files on the same path are ignored.
* Saved passwords: Select this option to import the online account credentials you saved in Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, so you can quickly and securely sign in to your online accounts.
To remember : When Microsoft Edge imports passwords, it checks if you already have a saved password for the same website. If the saved password and the imported password do not match, it replaces the existing password with the imported one.
* Addresses and more: Select this option to import address data, such as your shipping addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
To remember : Microsoft Edge checks for similar entries and merges data where possible.
* Payment Information: This imports your saved credit card information. Any combination of card number, cardholder name and expiration date is a unique combination.
To remember : If duplicates are detected during import, they will not be imported.
* Navigation history: As the top sites displayed in the New Tab page are generated based on your browsing history in Microsoft Edge, you may also see these top sites change based on updated history data.
To remember : All this data is saved locally on your PC/laptop.
* Open tabs: You can import your pinned and open tabs from Google Chrome. Imported tabs are added to the current active Microsoft Edge window.
To remember : Google Chrome must be closed for this feature to work. To use extensions installed from sources other than the Microsoft Edge add-ons website, you must enable Allow extensions from other stores.
* Extensions: Users can import Chrome store extensions into Microsoft Edge. You can see your imported extensions at edge://extensions.
To remember : Extensions installed from the Chrome Web Store will be disabled after import.
* Shortcuts: Imported shortcuts are added to top sites on the New Tab page.
To remember : Microsoft Edge will only import the first eight shortcuts from Google Chrome.
* Cookies
* Home page
* Search engine


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