Let’s discover the Robust Bug Bounty program developed by Google


by Aratrika Dutta

February 17, 2022

As part of the Bug Bounty program, Google applauded the efforts of an Indian technician for reporting vulnerabilities in Android.

A bug bounty is serious business in most parts of the world, but somehow Indian companies have a weird policy towards such actions. Some also file complaints against ethical hackers, instead of rewarding them for their efforts.

Google has applauded the efforts of an Indian technician for reporting and submitting vulnerabilities in Android, making the operating system safe for all users. In a blog post on Monday, Google revealed that Bugsmirror’s Aman Pandey was considered the top researcher in terms of reporting and submitting vulnerabilities.

Google has developed a robust bug bounty program over the years, and the latest report is testament to the work being done behind the scenes to improve the security of the Android ecosystem. India is striving to be a major hub for its operations, with many smaller researchers like Pandey settling in after completing their engineering course and helping global brands solve major problems remotely.

Google also launched the bughunters.google.com website last year, a special portal to keep Google products and the Internet safe. It brings together all of Google’s vulnerability reward programs in one place, such as Google, Android, Abuse, Chrome, and Google Play, and makes it easier than ever to submit security bugs.

The Chrome extension bug

Sometimes Google Chrome stops loading extensions without much warning. This can happen for all extensions or only some. If it’s all extensions, the problem is caused by Chrome. But if a single extension stops loading, there may be a conflict. On this Chrome browser, Google’s Bug Bounty program saw a total of $3,288,000 (approximately INR 24.6 crore) donated to 115 researchers. Of the total amount, $3.1 million was awarded for Chrome Browser vulnerabilities and $250,000 for Chrome OS vulnerabilities.

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