Launched TCG Process Content Imaging Mobile App for Apple and Google App Stores


DocSnap better connects people to processes as part of its intelligent automation platform

BAR, Swiss, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest release of TCG Process’ product, the DocSnap mobile app, addresses two key customer requirements: the need to react quickly to changing process requirements and the ability to connect remote workers to controlled and centralized processes.

DocSnap uniquely combines the ability to allow remote workers to capture documents and data directly from a mobile device with dynamic yet centralized application configuration. This gives IT teams, business analysts, and compliance teams the control and flexibility to keep processes up-to-date and simple. Organizations can easily comply with company policies regarding sensitive business or personal data often contained in images submitted by the app.

TCG Process has a long and proven track record of automating critical business processes for large-scale organizations, working with well-known names in the finance, insurance, healthcare and public sector industries. Combining TCG Process’ powerful process automation platform, DocProStar, with an app that provides flexible, white-label mobile document capture, further expands the use case possibilities for its customers and partners by removing friction in content collection.

“This app is a natural extension of our intelligent process automation solution, DocProStar. Expanding our industry-leading capture capabilities even further, DocSnap includes built-in traceability and controls for mobile devices. is critical to the remote work trend that organizations are experiencing around the world, says Neil Walkerproduct manager at TCG Process.

“It was important to us and our customers to provide IT teams with control beyond just using the device’s camera, extending the benefits to privacy and data security with options such as automatic deletion of images from the user’s device after capture. We are excited to put this retail app into the hands of our customers and partners around the world.”

DocSnap is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today. To learn more about how it is used and what is possible when you connect people to processes, please visit

About the TCG Process

TCG Process is an international organization that solves business process automation (BPA) problems with its DocProStar platform. Digitizing incoming content and automating complex processes in enterprises such as banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, public administration and their business process contractors or shared service organizations has never been better simple. TCG markets its solutions directly to the customer, and through partners, on five continents.

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