Latest Google app update no longer scans for installed apps and breaks dark mode


The Google app for smartphones recently received updates, but it caused problems for Pixel users. It looks like the update is breaking the dark mode of the Google app.

Also, many users complain that the Google app lost its functionality after the update. Now the Google search bar no longer allows to search for apps installed on the Pixel phone.

Regarding the problem this causes in the dark mode of the Google app, the Search view no longer adapts well to this type of configuration (1, 2, 3).

Google app can no longer search for installed apps on some Pixel phones

One of the most useful features of the Google app search bar is being able to access everything on the phone. This includes both your saved files and your apps.


Now, after one of the most recent updates, some Google Pixel phone users have lost this feature. The Google search bar on their phones no longer detects installed apps.

This feature of the Google app is often heavily used by many people. Allows quick access to an app without having to open the app drawer, and without having the app icon on the home screen.

Among various reports from disgruntled users, a Google product expert confirmed that the issue had been escalated to the development team.

Update also breaks Google app dark mode, white background in search results

There is another issue related to the most recent Google app updates. In this case, it seems to “break” the search bar’s integration with the system’s dark mode.

Latest-app-update-Google-no longer-scans-installed-apps-breaks-dark-mode-1

Reports say that this problem appeared suddenly. This causes that, if you have activated the dark mode of the phone, when you touch the Google search bar, it will have an annoying white background.

Latest-app-update-google-no longer-scans-installed-apps-breaks-dark-mode-4

The white background of the search bar and its results makes it very difficult to read, even straining the eyes. Also, the letters in the search results are colored light gray.

Both problems were compounded

According to reports from affected users, both issues started occurring at the same time for a week. The second bug was also escalated to the development team by a Google product expert.

Latest-Google-app-update-no longer-scans-installed-apps-breaks-dark-mode-3

At this time, Google has not offered any further updates on this. Considering that the issue has already been escalated, it is expected that the bug fix will be on the way soon.

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