In San Diego music clubs Sunday through Wednesday March 30 through April 2


Shredder Lauren Larson and her band Ume shared a bill at the Soda Bar with our own loud Schitzophonics.

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Sunday 30
I’m just gonna go ahead and call Saintsenec my surprise find of the week. These ANTI-folkies from Columbus, Ohio are all kinds of weird Amerikana, in the vein of Violent Femmes and, yuh-huh, Neutral Milk Hotel. Leader Zac Little has that overly imperfect, overripe adenoid tone of Gano and Mangum in spades. Sorry if that bothers Mr. Little, but it’s true and it’s great, imo. Their new, Dark bow, falls Tuesday April 1 and suggested this from the Pitch: “… folk songs that are more artfully crafted than any of the bands you’ve probably thought of when you read the words“ folk songs. ”Saintseneca takes the stage. at the Casbah after the psych-pop group SanFran Blank tapes and folkloric fableur Vikesh kapoor (The ballad of Willy Robbins) …. Otherwise: more folk at the Soda Bar with Texas music lovers Wild child and Robert ellisStephen rey and Low tension tune in for a night of blues-rock at Shakedown … in nordhatown, you’ve got Belly Up serving up a “Cajun polyethnic slam grass” act Leftover salmon… Pechanga is a safe bet with Texas boogie-rock veterans Top ZZ… and, as mentioned last week, Malky’s cocks and Fast Ortiz are at Pioneertown Pappy & Harriet’s hotspot for a night of tangy tail, cold brew and ‘romp on jag bags’. Yeah.

American actor Saintseneca makes headlines at the Casbah on Sunday night ahead of ANTI-set scheduled for this week Dark bow.

Monday 31st
Blues-punk artist Swami Dan Sartain shares bill with art-punk San Diego supergroup Ghetto blaster (Fishwife, Irradio, Rats Eyes) at Bar Pink Monday night … while Soda Bar sets up Nashville indie-folkie Guillaume Tyler (a utility actor for Silver Jews and Lambchop – strong pedigree) with Athens, GA’s latest ’80s-style export New Madrid. I have a comp’d copy of them swimmer CD and cast in easy. They got me at “college rock with a SEC accent”.

Texan blues-punk Dan Sartain of the Swami stable tunes in to Bar Pink on Monday evening.

Tuesday 1
Play Tuesday: Enjoy an “Night With” Vegas-based In-House Instrument Music Maker This 1 guy (and his “magic boot, his pipe and his saw”) at the Casbah … where there is a Bruin CD release at Soda Bar if you are a fan of the Beatronica brand.

wednesday 2
Austin-based guitar-rock trio Ume shared a bill at the Soda Bar Wednesday night with the pride of San Diego shred-rock, the Schitzophonie. Finally seen the Schitzos last week at Casbah and, omfg, where does Pat Beers get away with doing that to a guitar, swinging and choking the thing while struggling like a tornado to the beat. Totally amazing and can’t wait to see it again. Lauren Larson from Ume is cut from the same fabric, guitar groupies, so we’ll see you there … Miss the door to that one, the Portland goth-pop quartet Genres hit the withered lair after Gift machine and Karl Blau… while the “troll-core” Oregonians Cooking pots take the tour after our own acts of full-contact spazz Homeless sex and Kodiak…. If you have not yet taken the Crawler orally, what are you waiting for? My mouth, your ears, lots of band clips and tips for the next tix. Only. To push. To play.


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