If you missed pre-orders, Google Store will still give you a free Pixel 7 for your old phone


Or even a free Pixel 7 Pro with the right device

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are finally here, making an impressive debut with big improvements over their predecessors. If you’ve been patiently waiting for the reviews to drop before pre-ordering, now’s the day to hit that add-to-cart button. If you’re not sold at a retailer, Google’s trade-in program offers a great deal for anyone looking to ditch their old hardware. In fact, with the right phone, you might be able to get your Pixel 7 – or even a Pixel 7 Pro – completely free.


Let’s start with the Pixel 7, because hitting $600 on a trade-in is much easier than hitting $900. Google’s smallest flagship is an amazing buy this year, with an improved design and great new features. Samsung users can celebrate here, because the entire S22 series and the S21 Ultra can net you $600 in rewards for your new phone. The rest of the S21 family, as well as some of the S20 models, don’t quite hit the same mark, but if you’re willing to throw away as little as $50 of your own cash, you’ll have a shiny new phone at your wears in just a few days.

Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7 in citronella

Source: Google

Google’s Pixel 7 is better than its predecessor in almost every way. It’s more compact, has a faster fingerprint sensor, and includes amazing camera tools like Photo Unblur, all while maintaining a lower price point than most other flagships.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners can get between $400 and $500 off the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro when upgrading — not bad for a year-over-year upgrade — with slightly lower amounts for the Pixel 5, 4 XL, and 4 series. And if you — or a friend or partner — are looking to switch from iOS to Android, Google’s trade-in values ​​are incredible. Hardware as old as the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12 can fetch you around $600 in cash, depending on your storage tier.

If you’re trying to score a Pixel 7 Pro for free, your options are a bit more limited. That said, it’s not impossible with the right phone. Recent Apple hardware — the iPhone 13 Pro Max in particular — as well as the aforementioned Galaxy S22 Ultra all qualify for at least $900 in trade-in value. In fact, higher storage tiers for the S22 Ultra actually allow you above $900, so you can jump into the 256GB 512GB variants of the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Pixel 7 Pro in hazelnut

Source: Google

The Pixel 7 Pro is a great phone for anyone who wants a big, bright screen wherever they go. The real standout feature, of course, is that 5x telephoto lens. It takes amazing photos on its own, but thanks to Google’s software, it can also zoom up to 30x.

These are higher values ​​than Google offered during the pre-order period, so if you’ve waited – and are willing to part ways with not-so-old hardware – you’ve been rewarded for your patience. We were pretty impressed with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, earning both phones our coveted Most Wanted award. If you’re ready to take advantage of all the AI ​​power brought by Tensor G2, click on these Google Store links to choose your device. Consider spending your savings on some great Pixel 7 cases – you’ll want to protect your investment for your next new smartphone.


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