How to Share or Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome


There’s only so much you can remember, and bookmarks are a great way to dive right into the websites you visit frequently. it’s the one productivity hack that’s saved me hours of typing and reviewing my history. While Google Chrome has made it easy to add and access bookmarks, how to share multiple bookmarks with others isn’t so obvious.

If you’ve gathered information for a project or ideas for your next trip and want to share those favorite websites with your friends or family, there are several ways to make that work with Google Chrome. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for an easy way for multiple people to save and access their bookmarks using a synced folder.


Share bookmarks by exporting to HTML

It’s the easiest way to share your bookmarks, but it doesn’t let you select which ones to share – it exports all of your browser’s bookmarks. Unless you’re migrating to a different browser or machine, this might not be the ideal way to share bookmarks with others.

  1. Open the Favorites Manager via Chrome’s three-dot menu in the upper right corner. You can also do this with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+O (Windows and Linux) or CMD+Option+B (Mac).
  2. Select the Export bookmarks in the three-dot menu of the bookmark manager.
  3. Chrome will create an HTML file of all your bookmarks that you can save to your computer and then share.

You can use an HTML editor to remove the links you don’t want to send, but it’s tedious and there are better solutions mentioned below. But if you choose to use this method, make sure your exported bookmarks don’t include links just for your eyes.

Once the recipient receives the file, they will need to import the bookmarks into their browser. To do this in Chrome, they can follow the same steps as above, but select Import bookmarks from the menu instead of exporting. They should then select the HTML file you sent, and any bookmarks you shared will be added to their browser.

Good old copy-paste

A more primitive but flexible method is to manually select the bookmarks you need to share before simply copying and pasting them into a chat or email.

  1. Open the Favorites Manager via Chrome’s three-dot menu in the upper right corner. You can also do this with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+O (Windows and Linux) or CMD+Option+B (Mac).
  2. Highlight the bookmarks you want to share using Shift+Click or CTRL/CMD+Click, then copy them.
  3. Paste them into an email or chat with your recipient.

This can be a bit cumbersome if the list of bookmarks is long or you need to do this frequently. The output isn’t the most user-friendly either because the recipient has no way to easily import all the bookmarks. All in all, this is the easiest method to share a selection of your bookmarks.

Third-party extensions

The above two methods might seem too basic compared to third-party Chrome extensions that let you share bookmarks more efficiently. A few different extensions promise this kind of functionality, but the one we found the most reliable is TeamSync bookmarks. It creates a folder in your favorites bar synced with a group of verified email contacts. If you want to keep a group of shared bookmarks with others, this will help you accomplish that. Although we found it to work just fine in our testing, there are some mixed reviews – so your mileage may vary.

  1. To download TeamSync bookmarks from Chrome Online Store.
  2. Created a Account (Google sign-in is available as a simple option).
  3. The extension works by creating folders which are synchronized via email. Create A file and enter the email addresses of people you want to share bookmarks with.
  4. Save any bookmarks you want to share in the new folder.

Remember that other users must also install the extension in their browser and log in using the email address you invited them with. At this point, they should have an invite in their inbox. Once signed in, anyone you’ve invited will see the same folder in their bookmarks bar, and any bookmarks you save in that folder will be automatically synced, along with anything they add.

TeamSync offers a free plan that lets you share bookmarks with up to four people. If you’re a power user, the premium plan ($60/year or $8/month) lets you share and sync bookmarks with more than one group or more than 20 members.

Google Collections — A better way?

Google has a better way to share links, but unfortunately it’s built into the Google app, not the Chrome browser. However, if you use the app regularly, Collections is a great way to bookmark content for later consumption or sharing. It’s also easy to add collaborators who can access and add their bookmarks to the shared folder. We hope Google realizes how useful this would be for Google Chrome, but until then, here’s how you can use this feature in the Google app for Android and iOS.

  1. Open the Collections tab in the Google app and tap See your collections to see all your bookmarked pages at once.
  2. To create a new Collection (folder), press New collection and name it.
  3. Once created, you will be able to add links by clicking on the bookmark icon in the top bar every time you browse the Google app.
    • By default, Google adds all links to the last collection you used, but you can change which collection it’s saved to when bookmarking.
    • Adding collaborators to any collection is as simple as opening it (follow the steps above) and pressing the share icon next to your profile icon.
    • Choose between read-only or contributor and share the link with the intended recipients.

Bookmark and Done

These are the most convenient ways you can use to share bookmarks with your friends and family from Google Chrome. If you’re looking to further optimize your Chrome experience, there are plenty of nifty tips and tricks you can try.


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