How to Schedule Dark Mode Time Lapses in Google Chrome and Firefox


Not everyone wants to have dark mode on their web browser all the time. If so, this guide will help.

Firefox and Google Chrome have dark modes that apply black themes when selected. However, the dark modes of these browsers are not very flexible. You must have Chrome or Firefox in black or white. Would you rather have a bit of both by programming a dark mode to turn on automatically at a specified time interval?

Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox include built-in scheduling options for dark modes to turn on and off at specific times. Nevertheless, you can still configure dark modes for specified time intervals in these desktop browsers with the Super Dark Mode and automaticDark extensions.

How to Schedule Dark Mode for Websites in Google Chrome

Super Dark Mode is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to apply a dark background theme to websites. It also includes a Automatic schedule side tab from which you can configure a time range from/to for its dark mode to be applied. Here’s how you can program a dark mode in Google Chrome with this extension:

  1. Open the Super Dark Mode page linked below in Chrome.
  2. Click it Add to Chrome option on the Super Dark Mode online store webpage.
  3. Select Add extension in the confirmation prompt.
  4. Click it Extensions (puzzle piece) in the Chrome toolbar.
  5. You can click on the super dark mode button to manually enable/disable its dark theme. To set an automatic schedule, click on the extension More options button and select Choice.
  6. Then select the Automatic schedule sidetab shown directly below.
  7. Select the Activate Super Dark Mode for a time interval check box.
  8. Click the clock icon on the Of box to select a start time for the dark theme to apply.
  9. Repeat the previous step for the To box to set an off time for dark mode.


Now wait for your dark mode to activate. Make sure you haven’t already enabled a dark mode with the extension. Then the website pages will have black backgrounds only during the time interval you have set for dark mode.

You can customize dark mode with other Super Dark mode settings. Click on General Dark Themes on the Super Dark Mode: Options to view the settings in the screenshot directly below. There you can change the theme color for links, background, headers and typing suggestions by selecting the icon Modern option and adjust its palettes.

You can also adjust the contrast/brightness of the dark theme for all websites. Click on Advanced settings to the left of the Super Dark Mode: Options tongue. Then select the Adjust brightness/contrast checkbox and drag the slider to the bar for that option.

To download: Super dark mode for Google Chrome (free)

How to Schedule a Dark Mode Theme in Firefox

To schedule a dark mode in Firefox, see the automaticDark add-on. AutomaticDark is an add-on similar to Super Dark Mode, with which you can configure Fox to apply a dark mode based on the time of day. One notable difference is that it applies dark mode to Firefox’s user interface (URL bar, menus, etc.). You can program dark mode with automaticDark as follows:

  1. Open the automaticDark download page and select Add to Firefox the.
  2. Click it Open the apps menu in Firefox to select Settings.
  3. Select Extensions and Themes to see the Add-ons Manager tongue.
  4. Click the ellipsis button for the automaticDark extension and select Choice.
  5. Select the Manual setting/sunrise times radio button.
  6. Click in the sunrise time box to enter a start time for your daylight (white theme).
  7. Then click on the sunset time dialog to enter a start time for the nighttime (dark) theme. Note that this does not have to be the actual sunset time of your location.
  8. Select Dark on the Night theme scrolling menu.

The extension will now automatically apply a dark theme to the Firefox interface at the sunset time you enter, like in the snapshot below. All websites will still have the same background colors as before. However, since Super Dark Mode is also available for Firefox, you can combine the two add-ons on Mozilla’s flagship browser.

To download: automaticDark for Firefox (Free)

Add more flexible dark modes to Firefox and Google Chrome

Now you can enjoy the best of dark and light mode in Google Chrome and Firefox with the Super Dark Mode and automaticDark extensions. Super Dark is a great extension for applying dark backgrounds to websites at a scheduled time interval. Check out automaticDark to set a dark Firefox theme based on sunset time. Both extensions offer more flexible dark modes.


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