How to Remove Google Account from Chrome


Google Chrome does not require a Google account to work. If you want to remove any or all Google accounts from Chrome, you can do so and continue using the browser. We’ll show you how to do this on desktop and mobile.

To note: When you remove your Google account from Chrome, the browser stops syncing and saving your browsing data to your account. This means that you will not be able to access this data from other devices, so keep that in mind when deleting the account.

Unlink a Google account from Chrome on computer

To unlink your Google account from Chrome on your desktop, first open Chrome and click your profile icon in the top right corner.

In the profile menu that opens, next to “Other profiles”, click on the gear icon.

You will see a switch user window. Here, find the profile where the Google account you want to delete is located.

In the upper right corner of this profile, click on the three dots and choose “Delete”.

Choose "To delete" in the menu.

Chrome will display a warning that your browser data will be deleted if you log out of your account. Continue by clicking “Delete”.

And your Google account is now unlinked from your Chrome browser. Your browser data will no longer sync with your account, and that’s it.

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Disconnect Google Account from Chrome on Android

To remove your Google account from Chrome for Android, first launch the Chrome app on your phone.

In the top right corner of Chrome, tap your profile icon.

You will see the “Settings” page. Here, tap on your Google account.

Choose the Google account.

On your account page, at the bottom, tap “Sign out and turn off sync”.

To select "Sign out and turn off sync" basically.

Choose “Continue” from the prompt.

Point: To remove your current browsing data from the Chrome app, enable the “Also clear your Chrome data from this device” option.

Faucet "Continue" in the prompt.

And that’s all. Your Chrome app is no longer connected to your Google account.

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Sign Out of a Google Account in Chrome on iPhone and iPad

To sign out of your Google Account from Chrome on an iPhone or iPad, first launch Chrome on your phone.

In the top right corner of Chrome, tap your profile icon.

On the “Settings” page that opens, choose your Google account.

Tap the Google account.

On the account page, tap “Sign out”.

To select "Sign out."

A prompt will appear at the bottom of your phone screen. If you want to keep browsing data from your Google account in the browser, in the prompt, select “Keep data”. Otherwise, tap “Clear data”.

To select "Erase data" or "Retain data."

Your Apple device will delete your Google account and you’re good to go.

If you’re trying to de-Google your life, there are also other ways to become less dependent on the big G.

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