How to Install Google Chrome on Firestick 2022 Tip


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Check How to Install Google Chrome on Firestick

Chrome has more advantages than other browsers besides privacy. A Chrome on Firestick is more useful for people who already use Chrome on smartphones. You can sync content, bookmarks, and passwords between smartphones and Firesticks. This not only speeds up your work, but also saves you the hassle of typing. Amazon offered a Fire TV Stick for streaming videos. Nowadays, with many advancements in technology, this product is used by thousands of people as one of the best home electronic devices for entertainment purposes. For this, they install the Google Chrome browser on their Fire TV. Google Chrome is one of the oldest and most widely used web browsers on PCs and smartphones.

People are already so familiar with Google Chrome that they are not comfortable using any other web browser. When I talk about myself, I use Google Chrome as my default web browser on all my devices. The reason is that Google Chrome is such a well personalized and fast browser available online in the market. The reason I prefer Google Chrome over Firefox and Silk Browser over Firestick is that both of these browsers lack ad blocking, web history, and other privacy features. Another reason is the availability of different extensions, since Google Chrome is currently the largest web browser, all the developers have mainly designed their extensions for Google Chrome as they offer more attention to the audience compared to Firefox or Silk Browser.

Steps to Install Google Chrome Browser on FireStick

Technically, Google Chrome is for Android devices or PCs. However, it is compatible with a FireStick as long as you can download the APK, the app’s Android installer file. Chrome is not available on the Amazon App Store.

Allow app downloads from unknown sources

The ability to download apps is common for Android and Fire operating systems.

  • Turn on your FireStick/Fire TV.
  • Select Settings from the Home screen menu.
  • Go to My Fire TV (in newer versions of Fire OS this option is called Device & Software).
  • Select Developer Options.
  • Enable apps from unknown sources.

Install Download App from Amazon App Store

Official FireStick browsers do not support downloading files from community or third-party sources. However, the Downloader app (available on the Amazon Appstore) can download the Google Chrome APK.

  • Select Search (the magnifying glass) on the FireStick home screen.
  • Type Downloader (or use an audio command).
  • You may see similar apps, so be sure to select Downloader, the orange app from the Apps & Games category.
  • Once located, select and press Download or Get.
  • The app will download and install.
  • Your FireStick is now ready to download Google Chrome APK through the Downloader app. Go ahead and click Open.

Final Words: How to Install Google Chrome on Firestick

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