How to Install Google Chrome Extensions and 5 Top Picks to Get You Started


Google offers thousands of Chrome extensions and web apps that cater to several user-friendly preferences. From accessibility tools to live sports scores, the store offers free and versatile tools for everyone. One can also easily install and manage extensions and apps set up through the Chrome Web Store.

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Chrome extensions allow users to access app features from the browser itself. Many platforms offer free extensions to download through the Chrome Web Store to make their services more accessible to their users.

This article will detail the process of installing useful Google Chrome extensions and recommend five that users can download right away.

A Complete Guide to Installing Google Chrome Extensions and Examples of Useful Choices

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One can add extensions to Google Chrome by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Find the desired extension and select it.
  3. Click on the Add to Chrome available on the extension page.

Note that some extensions may require certain permissions or data before installation. You can approve any request by clicking Add extension when the notification box appears. Be sure to approve sensitive permissions only if you trust the developer.

Once you’ve added an extension, a familiar icon will appear on the right side of Chrome’s address bar. If not, click the jigsaw icon which appears at the end of the address bar to open the Extensions settings and pin the app you want to access more easily. After pinning, the icon will appear right after the address bar and you can click on it to view its functionality.

To remove an extension, click the jigsaw icon to display the list of extensions. Then click on the three points next to the extension you want to remove and select the Remove from chrome option.

Note: The following section is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

5 interesting Chrome extensions to install


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This is a great Chrome extension for those who spend long hours on the Internet. LINER makes it easier to identify trustworthy websites and also allows users to peek into the contents of a website without opening it entirely. It is a free extension that users can add in one click.

In addition to the search assistant, LINER also provides a content highlighter and an impeccable content recommendation system. The LINER highlighter allows users to highlight parts of web content they come across. They can also access selected articles and videos for them through this extension.

2) Forest

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Want to be more productive? Why not grow trees? The popular app available on Android and other platforms based on improving user productivity is also present as a Google Chrome extension and can be downloaded for free.

With Forest on Chrome, you can monitor your work schedule and indulge in the effective 30-minute productivity plan more easily. Moreover, it is a very interesting application which helps users to overcome internet addiction by growing trees. You can also block websites to improve productivity with Forest.

3) Volume Master

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Here is a useful Chrome extension that claims to boost your system volumes by up to 600% when using a browser. Additionally, you can individually control the volumes of all open tabs on Chrome.

The extension comes with another small but useful feature that allows users to jump to any audio playback tab with a single click. It is completely free and does not contain any advertising, but requires you to approve a permission before installing it.

4) Custom Cursor for Chrome

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Want to use fun cursors while browsing in Chrome? Try Custom Cursor, which is an intriguing Chrome extension offering a large collection of free cursors. It also allows users to upload images and create their own sliders.

The collection of sliders available through this extension is massive, allowing users to choose their favorite animal, flower, sport, food, and even lifestyle as their tool of choice. New collections are also added frequently to their website which users can visit to try out the latest designs.

5) Boomerang for Gmail

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Want a free email and meeting management tool with an easy-to-use interface? Get Boomerang for Gmail, a popular Chrome extension that millions use to seamlessly schedule meetings and emails, track responses, and more.

The extension also gives users access to AI-powered features that help them write better emails. You can also send recurring emails without having to deal with redundancy. It’s a great business tool for anyone who emails and schedules meetings for official purposes.

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