How to Force Dark Mode on All Websites in Google Chrome


Google Chrome supports system-wide dark mode on desktops, laptops, and even smartphones. However, this only makes the browser UI darker, it does not necessarily load websites in the dark layout. To fix this, you can use Chrome extensions that force websites to load in dark mode, however, using a third-party extension may not be as feasible and safe. But there is a way to force dark mode on every website you visit on Chrome. Also Read – How to Clear Browser Cache in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari

Today in this article we see exactly how to do this. Interestingly, this method does not require any dangerous extensions or add-ons. Chrome offers a hidden dark mode option in the browser itself, it’s for experimental purposes, but does the job pretty well. We’ll take a look. Also Read – iPhone Hacks: How to Use Chrome Passwords to Log In to Apps on Your Apple iPhone

How to Force Dark Mode on Every Website on Chrome

First, make sure the Chrome browser is updated. Although this may not be necessary as the feature has been available since Chrome 78. Still, you may run into issues if there is a bug in the current version of Chrome you are using. Also read – Chrome on iOS gets new features: Google Password Manager, Chrome Actions and more

Step 1: To get started, open Google Chrome on your browser and type “chrome://flags” in the URL section.

2nd step: Once you enter the aforementioned URL, you will see an Experiences tab. Here you have to scroll down and find auto dark mode for web content. You can also search dark mode in the search box.

Step 3: Now you will see this option is set to Default which means it is not working. So, to make it work, click on the drop-down menu and look for the Enabled option, then tap on it.

Step 4: Once you set it to Enabled, it will ask you to relaunch the browser. Press Yes.

Now after relaunching the browser, the whole browser will be in dark mode. Any websites that do not support dark layout will also be viewable in dark mode.

That’s how easily you can force Chrome to open all websites in dark mode.


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