How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Docs


Are you tired of editing late at night and being completely blinded by the light of a white UI in Google Docs? What amazes me is that despite the many ways Google has already integrated dark mode into several of its apps, several more remain without it in 2022. That’s right, the company is taking way too long with it. rolling out a dark theme for its services, and its efforts are wildly inconsistent.


You can enable dark mode in Docs on Android, and I’m going to show you how to do that, but today we’re mainly going to focus on how to darken the interface of Docs on the web. Trust me, your eyes will thank you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Enable dark mode on Android

To make Docs on your phone or tablet (or the Google Play app on your Chromebook) adopt a dark theme, all you have to do is open the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen, tap “Settings” and then under In the “Theme” section, tap on “Choose a theme”. From there, you can choose Dark, Light, or System Default. Selecting the latter option will automatically adapt your user interface to the same theme as your entire phone system.

Settings > Theme

I just want the steps!

1. Open the Android Google Docs app
2. Open menu Hamburger at the top left of the screen
3. Tap “Choose a theme” under Theme
4. Choose “Dark”or “System default” and change your OS theme to dark mode

Enable dark mode on the web

Here’s where we derail a bit and explore outside of Google’s offerings. On the Google Docs web app, the company has yet to provide a dark theme as mentioned above. Instead, we’ll rely on Chrome extensions. Although I’m covering two here today, there are plenty more to choose from! The first is aptly named.Google Docs dark mode“. Simply visit the Chrome web store using this link and install it using the blue “Add to Chrome” button. Once that’s done, visit a new google doc on the web and toggle the jigsaw piece extension at the top of your Chrome toolbar.

Although this extension lets you switch between light and dark modes, you’ll notice that it leaves the main body of the document white, which I think almost defeats the purpose entirely! The reason I’m showing this one to you first is that it’s gotten the Chrome Web Store seal of approval stating that the developer will respect your privacy and not use your information in ways they don’t. did not disclose.

This developer respects your privacy!

I just want the steps!

1. Install the “Google Docs dark mode” extension
2. Open a new document
3. Click the puzzle piece icon at the top right of your browser
4. Click (or pin and click) the Google Docs Dark Mode extension
5. Flip the two toggles It appears
6. Enjoy!

There’s actually a much better extension to use to get a dark theme for writing in Docs, but the developer hasn’t updated it in two years and lists the extension’s license “as is”, which which means they probably won’t come back. at any time in order to update the list of the online store for the purpose of receiving the seal of approval for the privacy practices. However, I personally don’t believe that means the developer won’t respect your privacy, just that they’re not there to bring the extension up to Google standards.

Despite this, it has received the new “Featured” badge from the Web Store, indicating that it follows recommended extension practices, so it may be worth a try, especially since it darkens the canvas where you write while the previous extension does not!

Anyway, the best extension is called Google Docs in the dark, and if you do install it, I recommend uninstalling or disabling the previous ones we’ve covered so they don’t conflict with each other. Although this one looks a lot more like what a dark theme should look like, it does seem to invert icon colors, which might be annoying for some users!

Install the Google Docs extension in Dark

That’s because the icons aren’t just inverted – the entire webpage actually relies on a color inversion technique! It’s simple, but effective, and if this developer can do it, then Google should be able to do it too. We hope to see the tech giant implement a proper dark theme for Docs on the web soon, but I understand that inverting colors is only one piece of the puzzle while figuring out what a good one should be. user experience.

If you have any other dark mode extensions for your favorite Google services, be sure to include them in the comments below. I’ve been using this latest extension for a while, and the inverted icons don’t bother me much anymore. Enjoy!

I just want the steps!

1. Install the “Google Docs in the dark” extension
2. Open a new document
3. Click the puzzle piece icon at the top right of your browser
4. Click (or pin and click) the orange Google Docs icon to launch the extension
5. Click the weird orange and black toggle which seems to switch to dark mode!
6. Enjoy!


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