How to download and install Google Chrome on Mac, know the easy steps


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You need a browser to access the Internet.
Most people use Chrome on their devices.
However, Mac users need to download Chrome to use it.

New Delhi. You need a browser to access the Internet. You must have used many browsers on your device but Google Chrome is the most popular browser. A study by Statcounter, a market research company, showed that Google Chrome grabbed over 65% of the browser market. One of the reasons for this is the easy access to the browser on almost all platforms.

Google Chrome is available on all mobile devices as well as computers. Although Safari browser is available on Mac, you are still using Google Chrome. Because Chrome offers better website support, moreover, it has plenty of extensions that help you get the job done. Other than that, Chrome syncs your Google account. This makes it easy to manage passwords across all your devices.

How to Download Google Chrome on Mac
If you are a Mac user, you will need Apple’s Safari browser to download Google Chrome. So, first of all, open Safari on your Mac device and navigate to Here, the website itself will detect the operating system you are using on your machine and choose the right version for you.

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choose the best version
After selecting the Mac, the Chrome website will also automatically decide whether it’s an Intel-based Mac or a device with Apple’s M-series chipset. If for some reason the website does not detect your machine on its own, you should always choose the best version.

will download the app itself
Now click on the Download button and then read the Google Chrome Terms of Service, then accept them and click on the Install button. After that, the download will start by itself, but if it does not happen, it can also be downloaded via the manual instructions on the website.

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save file
If the setting is enabled on your browser, Chrome will start downloading automatically, otherwise it will ask where you want to save the file. Once the file is downloaded, open the file and you will see a box with a Chrome icon and a folder icon. To save the file to your Mac’s Application Library, drag the icon to the folder.

Chromium ready to use
Google Chrome is now installed on your Mac. The first time you open it, the Mac will ask you if you want to open the app and give it internet access. With this, Google Chrome will now be present on your Mac as another browser.

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