How to Disable Trending Searches on Google Chrome


These days it’s easy to keep up to date with online trends or what people like. Trending searches on Google or Google Chrome, when clicked, allow you to immediately find out what the city is talking about. However, if you think they’re distracting, intrusive, or unnecessary, it’s a good idea to turn off trending searches.

With the walkthroughs here, you can disable trending searches, whether on Chrome mobile or web, or the Google app. You will find the processes as fast as turn off live captions on Google Chrome. So read on!

What do trending searches on Google mean?

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Trending searches simply mean the terms that people search for the most on a browser or search engine. Think of them as something similar to trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites. The search platform in this case, which is Google or Google Chrome, shows you trending searches as a list of recommendations on what to search for. It uses its algorithm to “serve” you the most popular search topics.

These recommendations come in handy when you want to check out random topics or catch up on the hottest happenings around the world. That said, they can be annoying when they’re not needed or click-worthy for you. Also, it is common that clicking on it is another way to let the platform know more about your search activity or interests. So, how to turn off trending searches on Google is something that a lot of people are interested in.

How to disable trending searches

If you don’t need to see Google search trends, here are all the tutorials you need. We will now move on to the different methods that you can try.

On Google Chrome Mobile

1. Tap Google Chrome on your device’s app dashboard or home screen.
2. Type “” in the search field and press Go or the Enter key on your on-screen keyboard.
3. Tap the horizontal lines icon (top left section).
4. Press Settings in the Google side menu that appears.

Disable Trending Searches on Mobile Chrome
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5. Navigate down the Search Settings page to see Auto-complete with trend searches.
6. In this section, check Do not show popular searches.
7. Strike to safeguard to complete the settings.

Search settings on Chrome mobile
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You should no longer see suggestions for trending search topics once you restart Google Chrome. If you need to enable the feature anytime in the future, just return to Auto-complete with trending searches and tick Show Popular Searches below.

On Google Chrome Web

1. Start your Google Chrome browser.
2. Using it, visit
3. On the Google Chrome search page, tap Settings (bottom right section).

Disable Popular Web Searches Chrome
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4. In the mini-menu that slides up, tap Search settings.

Chrome web search settings
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5. Go to Auto-complete with trending searches.
6. Check Do not show popular searches after.

Disable popular searches
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To cancel the action at any time, simply select Show Popular Searches after step 5.

On the Google app

1. Start your Google app from your gadget’s apps dashboard.
2. Tap your account avatar (top right section).
3. Check Settings in the account menu.

Disable trending searches on the Google app
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4. Select General after.
5. Drag the slider to the left to Auto-complete with trending searches.

Settings on the Google app
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The feature is now disabled on the Google app. Note that even though Google and Google Chrome apps seem to have almost the same interfaces, you should disable trending searches separately. Simply disabling recommendations on the search engine app will not disable them on the browser app.

Bonus: How to Disable Google Discover

If you use Google on mobile, you know that its suggestions don’t stop at trending searches. Both Google and Google Chrome apps have a Discover section under their search box. This Discover feed is also how Google offers its recommendations to its users.

Google Discover can be as distracting or intrusive as trending searches, so you can turn it off as well. If so, here’s how:

On Google Chrome

1. Go to your Google Chrome app.
2. Tap the gear icon next to Discover.
3. Select Switch off in the context menu.

Google Discover on the Chrome app
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Each time you need to re-enable Discover, repeat the first two steps, then press To light up.

On the Google app

1. Go to your Google app.
2. Select your account avatar (top right section).
3. Choose Settings among the account options.
4. Pay General.
5. Swipe left on the Discover slider (disabled state).

Discover on the Google app
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When you return to the main app interface, the Discover tab will still be in the bottom menu. However, content from Google Discover will not be visible. A Enable Discover the button will be there instead; you can tap it whenever you want to revisit Google Discover recommendations.


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Trending searches, and even the Google Discover feed, are helpful recommendations that speed up the online research process for you. That is, whether Google has correctly “guessed” the topics you are interested in. Otherwise, you may not find the need for either type of recommendation on your browser or search engine. Luckily, trending searches are easy to turn off or on. You can refer to this guide whenever you want to opt out of trending topics or content suggestions from Google.

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