How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme 2022 Tip


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Check how to create your own Google Chrome theme

One of the great features of the Chrome browser is the ability to customize its appearance using themes. The Chrome Web Store has a good selection of themes, but if you’re not happy with the premade themes, you can create your own. Here’s how to do it: Practically, there is no reason to use a theme for your Google account. They don’t change the way you use the browser, or affect your interaction with Gmail, Google Docs, or any of Google’s many other services.

But by that logic, there’s really no need for the Louvre, jazz music, “The Godfather Part I” and “Part II”, or anything else that makes life more enjoyable but isn’t not purely useful. A Google theme might not speed up your browser or respond to your work emails, but a nice backdrop in the background of a new tab you open can make your day a little more enjoyable, and who wouldn’t want it? you not? Learn how to create your own Google Chrome theme here.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

  • Go to the Chrome Theme Creator page and select Add to Chrome.
  • Select Add Application to install Theme Creator.
  • Chrome automatically opens the Applications tab. Select Theme Builder.
  • Give your new theme a name in the field at the top left of the page.
  • Select Upload Image and choose a high resolution image to base your theme on.
  • Once the image is loaded, a preview is displayed on the right side of the screen. Use the controls below the image to make adjustments, including position, size, and repeat.
  • Select Generate Colors to create a color scheme for your theme based on the image you uploaded. The website automatically updates the preview to show you the colors it detected in the image you uploaded.
  • If you want to change any of the colors, go to the Colors tab. In this tab, you can select one of the browser window colors and change the colors to your liking.
  • Go to the Basics tab and select Package & Install to package your new theme as a Chrome extension.
  • You receive a warning from Chrome informing you that malicious extensions can damage your computer. Select Keep to download your theme.
  • Go to Chrome menu > More tools > Extensions and select Developer mode in the upper right corner to enable it.
  • Locate the CRX file on your computer and drag and drop it into your browser window.
  • Select Add Theme from the pop-up window.
  • Chrome takes a few seconds to apply the theme. If you want to return to the default, select Cancel.

Final Words: How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

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