How to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides


Google Slides is Google’s answer to PowerPoint, and like Docs and Sheets, it’s a perfectly usable way to create slideshows for presentations. Just as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can be converted from a traditional Microsoft Office file into an online format that can be accessed and edited at any time, you can also convert PowerPoint documents to Google Slides.

Here is a guide on how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides.

Converting a PowerPoint file using Google Slides

Step 1: Open Google Slides and click Virgin below Start a new presentation.

2nd step: At the top, under title settings, click Case > To open.

The Open button in Google Slides used to convert a PowerPoint file to Google Slides format.

Step 3: Click it To download tab and choose the tab Select a file from your device button. Locate your PowerPoint file and open it (the extension will be .pptx).

Google will now convert this PowerPoint file to Google Slides format. Once the process is complete, it will automatically save to your Google Slides account via Google Drive.

Conveniently, you can now edit this presentation online and, if desired, convert it back to a Microsoft PowerPoint file (Case > To download > Microsoft PowerPoint).

The Download section in Google Slides to open a new file.

Using Google Drive

Another way to convert a PowerPoint file to Google Slides is to use Google Drive.

Step 1: Go to the home page of your Google Drive account. Click it New then button File download. Select your PowerPoint file.

Adding a new file to Google Drive via the New and File Upload buttons.

2nd step: Select the file on Google Drive, right-click on it, then click on the Open with tongue. Finally, click on the Google Slides tongue.

Open a PowerPoint presentation file on Google Drive with the Google Slides tab.

Step 3: The PowerPoint will be displayed in Google Slides. Unlike direct upload via Google Slides, you will need to save the file for this method. Select the Case tab and click the Save as Google Slides option from the drop-down menu.

The tab to save a PowerPoint file as a Google Slides file.

Importing specific slides

The capability of Google Slides goes beyond simply converting an entire PowerPoint file. You can also choose specific slides you want to import rather than the entire presentation itself.

Step 1: Open a new Google Slides presentation. Within the Case tab, select the tab Import slides the option then choose the option To download tongue. Select the PowerPoint file on your PC.

The Import slides tab on Google Slides.

2nd step: Google will now populate a thumbnail-based view of all the slides in that PowerPoint file and let you select which ones you want to import and convert. Click it Import slides button when you are done.

The area where you can select specific slides from a PowerPoint file to import into Google Slides.

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