How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome


Chrome’s cache, like that of any other browser, over time can take up an obscene amount of space, space that we can recover by deleting all the content that is stored and whose sole purpose is to reduce the time of loading websites that we regularly visit.

What does it mean to clear the cache

The first time we visit a web page, the browser takes a little longer to load all the content, because download structure and still images from the web. That’s pretty much the cache. The cache is formed, mainly, by the images that a website, images that usually do not vary, that is, they are fixed on the web, so it is not necessary to load them every time we visit the web. In this way, the loading time is reduced, a loading time much lower than the time it took our browser to display it for the first time.

Being mainly composed of images, as we visit websites, new images are stored in the cache of our browser, images that over time can reach occupy several GB of space on our hard drive, so one way to free up space is to delete it. The cache only affects the loading time of the browser, not its operation or the options for interacting with a website, so if we delete it absolutely nothing will happen, except that the loading time will last one or two seconds longer than expected. usual.

not to be confused a browser’s cache with browsing history. Browsing history is a record where all the web pages we have visited in our browser are stored, nothing more, it does not include any additional information or data such as images or web structure, so if we delete the cache the history, it will not be affected, the same is true if we delete the history, because the cache will not be affected.

Nor should we confuse cache and cookies. Cookies store personal information about the searches we perform on the Internet, information read on websites to display related information, mainly advertisements. Cookies, like browsing history, barely take up space on our hard drive, so if we delete them, we will only recover a few bytes of storage.

How to Clear Chrome Cache

Depending on how often we want to clear the cache or our needs, we can delete it directly from the Chrome configuration options or use extensions.

from settings

To clear the cache of Windows configuration options, you must access the Chrome configuration options by clicking on the 3 vertical dots located in the upper right corner. In the configuration options, click Privacy and Security and, in the right column, click Clear browsing data.

In the window that appears, check the box Cached files and images (where the space it occupies and that we will free up when we delete it is displayed), in the Basic tab and uncheck the History and Cookies boxes, unless we also want to delete them from our computer. To confirm that we want to delete the data, select click Delete data.

with these extensions

Although the process to delete the cache of Chrome is very simple and not very hidden, if for professional needs or for any reason we want to delete the cache of a faster and easier waywe can use some of the extensions that I show you below:

Empty the cache

Clear Cache is an ideal application for users who usually work from Chrome and need the browser to always display the latest version of each website, which unfortunately is only possible by clearing the cache. Clear Cache is an extension that allows you to clear the cacheé just by running the extension. It doesn’t do anything else, but it’s more than enough for most users with those kinds of needs.

In addition to clearing the cache, it also allows us to automatically delete browsing history, cookies or any other information from Chrome by configuring all these actions in the application settings beforehand. It also allows us to select the period of time that will erase this data.

Empty the cache
Empty the cache

Erase everything

The clear all extension offers us practically the same functions as Clear Cache but with a more eye-pleasing interface. With Clean All we can delete cookies, cache, search history and downloads. It includes support for dark mode which makes it ideal for users who use this mode on the system.

Clean All - History & Cache Cleaner
Clean All - History & Cache Cleaner

Clear cache shortcut

Clear Cache is another extension that also allows us to delete only the cache of our Chrome browser by clicking on the extension. It does not include configuration options, so it will only delete all cache stored on the computer over time.

Clear cache shortcut
Clear cache shortcut

Manage cache with this trick

If no matter how many times we update once, it still shows the content when we know for a fact that it has been updated, no need to clear all chrome cache using an extension or through Chrome’s configuration options. We can access a hidden Chrome menu that only appears when we activate developer mode by pressing the F12 key. When activating this mode, we continue to press the button to reload the Chrome page (it also works by pressing the right button) and we see how a pop-up window with three options will appear:

  • recharge normally
  • Force reload
  • Clear cache and force reload

Clear Chrome Website Cache

By selecting the Clear cache and force reload option, we force Chrome to delete the cache of this webpage and reload it from scratch.


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