How to change the name of your Android device


Your phone deserves a real name; SM-A102U1 does not cut it

Every phone, tablet, smartwatch, TV, and other Android-powered device has a model name assigned to it by the manufacturer. The name appears in a few places, including the Play Store desktop website, the super-robust Google Assistant, and Google’s Find My Device tool. Sometimes the model name is easily recognizable (for example, “Google Pixel 3” or “Nokia 7.2”), but in other cases it can be an incomprehensible string of characters and numbers, which sometimes causes inconvenience. Whether you’re using a desktop computer or an Android phone, it’s easy to change the name of your Android phone.


Some manufacturers are better than others when it comes to device names. Samsung is particularly bad because most of its phones and tablets use names like “SM-A102U1” or “SM-G955F” instead of easily recognizable product names. Chromebooks can also be difficult to identify in Google Play, as they are usually referred to by the hardware platform name (such as “coral” or “hatch”) instead of the laptop name.

These names are not very useful.

Google makes it easy to rename your Android devices. Best of all, your edits are synced across all of Google’s services, so you don’t have to set names in multiple places.

How to Rename Your Android Device on the Web

If you’re using a desktop browser, the easiest way to see your full list of devices (and change their names) is from Google Play settings. Google Play Store on the web recently got a makeover. It displays all Android devices registered to your Google account.

Here is how you can access it to rename your Android device.

  1. Visit Google Play Store on the web and sign in with your Google account details.
  2. Select your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Open Library and devices.
  4. Drag to the Devices menu and check all your devices connected to your Google account.
  5. Select the name box and rename your device.

How to rename your Android device on mobile

The Play Store website doesn’t work very well on phones, so it’s probably easier to open the Find My Device webpage if you’re on a mobile device.

  1. Visit Find my device on mobile.
  2. Check your connected devices at the top.
  3. Select a device you want to rename.
  4. Tap the name box next to your device to rename it.

Your list of devices will appear at the top and once you have selected the device you want, tap on the name to edit it. Interestingly, the Find My Device app on the Play Store does not allow you to change device names, only the website.

Make your Android device identifiable

Follow the steps above and ask your Google Assistant to display the new device name. This is an essential step whenever you buy a new phone because it can easily help you locate your phone in Find My Device app.


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