How to Apply Dark Mode to Websites in Google Chrome


Dark themes for PC and mobile software are all the rage these days. You can apply a dark mode to Google Chrome by selecting Dark in the Windows 11 Color Personalization settings. This option applies a black UI to Chrome but does not change the background color of websites.

But what if you want to extend Chrome’s dark mode to websites as well? If so, you can apply black backgrounds to website pages with and without extensions to darken Chrome pages. Here’s how to apply dark mode to websites in Google’s flagship browser.

How to apply dark mode for websites by enabling an indicator setting

An option that renders website content with a black theme exists in Google Chrome. However, this option is a hidden flag setting in Chrome Experiences tongue. You can apply a dark mode to websites by enabling the Automatic dark mode for web content flag.

  1. Open Google Chrome and click in the URL address bar of the browser.
  2. Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar of the website, then press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  3. Now enter the keyword activate-force-dark in the Search flags area at the top of the Experiences tongue.
    The Automatic Dark Mode Web Flag
  4. To select Enabled in the drop-down menu for the Automatic dark mode for web content option.
  5. Click it To restart button that appears at the bottom of Chrome.
    The restart button


Now you can experience the new dark website mode in Chrome. Open the Google page in the browser. This search engine will now have a dark background. All websites that previously had white backgrounds will now be dark with white text.

Google Chrome Website Dark Mode

the Automatic dark mode for web content flag has several others Enabled dark mode settings. These options apply different effects to dark mode. Try applying some of the different settings of this flag to see their effects.

How to Apply Dark Mode for Websites with Dark Reader Extension

There are also extensions for Chrome with which you can apply a similar dark mode for websites. Dark Reader is one of those extensions that includes good options. To add Dark Reader to Google’s flagship browser, click the Add to Chrome button on its online store page.

After installing Dark Reader, click on the button for this extension in the Chrome URL toolbar. If you don’t see it, click the Extensions puzzle piece icon to select Dark Reader’s Pin option; then press the dark drive button to open the add-on like in the snapshot below.

The Dark Reader Extension

If it is not already selected by default, click the dark mode option there. This will apply a black background to most pages of the website. You can easily go back by clicking on the extension Light or Disabled options.

You can also customize the dark theme with the extension’s other options. Click the left and right arrows to Brightness, Contrast, Sepiaand Shades of grey settings to configure these options. If you only want to apply these settings to the open web page, select the option Only to option.

The dark theme will apply to all websites unless you select otherwise. Click Dark Reader’s List of sites tab displayed directly below. There you can configure the extension to apply its black theme only to specified websites by selecting Invert listed only. Then enter the URLs of the websites for which to add black backgrounds.

The List of sites tab

dark drive After The tab includes additional customization settings for web pages. You can change the font on websites by clicking the Select a font drop-down menu on the After tongue. Choose a font there and press the key. X button to apply it.

Dark Reader Font Options

To download: Dark Reader for Google Chrome (Free)

If you like dark modes, you’ll love the black backgrounds that Google Chrome’s Force Enabled Flag and Dark Reader setting add to websites. Enabling the enable-force-dark flag is fine for adding a basic dark mode to sites, but Dark Reader offers greater flexibility with its additional customization settings.

Applying black backgrounds to websites with either method will give Google Chrome an even darker edge when combined with Windows 11’s dark app mode.

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