How to Add a New Menu Bar to Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera


Many software packages include menu bars from which you can access many of their main options and tools. However, most browsers do not include menu bars. Google Chrome, Opera, and Edge are three of the biggest browsers without menu bars.

It’s surprising that more and more browsers don’t include at least optional menu bar functionality that users can enable. Firefox is a browser where you can enable a menu bar, but no such functionality exists in Chrome, Edge, and Opera. However, you can still add a customizable menu bar to these browsers with the Proper Menubar extension.

Proper Menubar is an extension that adds a menu bar to the top of web pages in Chrome, UR, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Yandex and Maxthon browsers. This bar includes Case, Edit, See, Story, Bookmarks, Windowand To help menus, from which you can select options. You can access most of the standard options for managing tabs, bookmarks, and page view for browsing from these menus.

To add this extension to your browser, open the Proper Menubar extension webpage (link below). Scroll to Download now buttons on this page. Then click on a Download now button to open your browser’s store page, from where you can choose to install Proper Menubar.

When you have installed the extension, a Proper Menubar welcome message will open in your browser. Click on Skip on this message if you prefer not to install an additional Turn Off Lights extension for watching YouTube videos. Then you can close the Appropriate menu bar tongue.

After adding the extension, you will see a Appropriate menu bar browser toolbar button. However, Chrome users will need to click on the Extensions button to select the station. By clicking on the Appropriate menu bar The button will open the extension, as shown directly below.

The appropriate menu bar is disabled by default. To activate the extension, click on the The proper menu bar is disabled button. Then open some websites in your browser. You will now see a black menu bar at the top of the pages, like in the screenshot below. Click the menus in this bar to select their navigation options.

You can change the menu bar colors with Proper Menubar’s design customization settings. To do this, click on the Appropriate menu bar extension key and select Choice. Select the Design to view the options shown directly below. Click it Background color options palette to choose a different menu color. Or click on the palette box for the Font color option to choose a different text color.

Would you rather have a menu bar that includes shortcuts to Google web apps, such as Docs, Gmail, YouTube, and Slides? If yes, click Basics on the Appropriate menu bar tongue. Select the View Google Product Names radio button to activate a menu bar with Google shortcut links like the one in the snapshot below.

You can also change the position of the menu bar from the Basics tongue. Select the Bottom radio button for Bar location option. Then the menu bar will appear at the bottom left of the opened web pages.

To download: Appropriate menu bar (Free)

You don’t need to add a menu bar to Fox with Proper Menubar. Fox has an optional menu bar that you can enable through its Customize Firefox tongue. Here’s how to enable Fox’s built-in menu bar:

  1. Click it Open application menu button near the upper right corner of the Firefox window.
  2. Select the More tools submenu.
  3. Click on Customize toolbar to display the Firefox customization tab.
  4. Then click on the Toolbar drop-down menu and select the Toolbar option.
  5. Hurry Do to save the settings.

You will see a new menu bar at the top of the Firefox window. Here you can access bookmarks, page history, and useful browsing options. Unlike Proper Menubar, however, no customization settings are available for Fox’s built-in menubar.

Why menu bars went out of fashion in web browsers is a mystery. Some users missed the classic Internet Explorer menu bar. You can now restore an Explorer-style menu bar in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera with the Proper Menubar extension. This extension provides direct access to all the standard navigation options you will need.


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