How do I mute everyone on Google Meet? Just follow these steps!


Every day, many hours of video conferences take place on Google Meet. These video sessions include work presentations and online lectures, where there is mainly a host or speaker presenting while the rest of the attendees watch. This article shows you how to mute everyone in Google Meet when needed.

Situations like the one mentioned above require hosts to make sure no one is speaking out of turn. This is important for the smooth running of online meetings.

You can hover over a Meet participant and click the microphone icon to mute them (try pinning the user first if the mute icon doesn’t appear). But in a conference of dozens of participants, muting everyone manually becomes a real headache.

Is there a way to disable everyone at once?

Yes, there is an easy way to mute everyone on Google Meet. The platform offers the meeting host certain privileges, including mute everyone. You need to apply some Meet settings to mute everyone with a single tap.

If you are not the meeting host, you will not have the same privilege. You can always mute everyone specifically for you by muting the browser tab. Although each browser may have a different way of disabling tabs, most of them involve right-clicking on the tab and then selecting the disable option from the context menu.

It should be noted that this feature is only available on desktop/laptop computers. Currently, there is no similar functionality for Google Meet mobile app users. However, they can still mute users one by one, manually, by pressing the ellipsis button for a particular user and pressing “Mute”.

deactivate a user in google meet mobile app

Steps to mute everyone in Google Meet

  1. When signing in to Google, create a new Meet session
  2. Click the Host Controls button located in the lower right corner of the screen.
host checks

3. Now make sure the Host Management toggle is enabled.

host management

4. Click the View Everyone button in the bottom right.

5. Select “Disable all”. Then click on the “X” to close the menu.

And just like that, you can now mute everyone in a video meeting with just one tap. Additionally, those who want to take it up a notch and completely automate this process can opt for a relevant Chrome extension. In the next section, you will find some popular extensions.

Chrome extensions to mute everyone in Google Meet

Here’s a shortlist of top-rated browser plugins that you can use to automatically mute everyone in a Google Meet session. Additionally, some extensions in this list also allow you to prevent others from muting you during a call.

  1. Google Meet Enhancement Suite (4/5 stars; over 200,000 users)
  2. Cut All for Google Meet (3.5/5 stars; 20,000+ users)
  3. Easy Mute for Google Meet (4/5 stars; 20,000+ users)

This is Google Meet’s handy mute feature. If you want more Meet tips like this, check out our guides on screen sharing, adding background blurs, virtual backgrounds, and more.


1. Can I mute everyone just for me and not everyone?

You can mute the meeting specifically for you by right-clicking your Google Meet browser tab and selecting Mute.

2. Do I have to be the host to mute all members for everyone?

That’s right. You must be the meeting host if you want to mute everyone for everyone.

3. Can a teacher mute all students in Google Meet?

Yes, as long as the teacher invites students to join the Meet call, they can mute all students at their discretion.


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