Google’s official Pixel 7 case makes me cautiously optimistic


After having a less than stellar experience with the official Pixel 6 case, I’m cautiously optimistic that Google has improved this design for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro case.

I won’t spend long today lamenting the design failures of the official Pixel 6 Pro case. If you’re interested in the gritty details, you can check out our long-term review. But long story short, the case warped, air bubbles surfaced, and the hard plastic eventually cracked, all in less than a year. With this issue still a little fresh in my mind, let’s take a look at what Google did differently with the Pixel 7 case and Pixel 7 Pro.

Like every other phone case made by Google since the Pixel 5a, the Pixel 7 series case consists of two layers: a hard inner layer that gives structure, which is bonded to a softer outer layer, pleasing to look at and pleasant to the touch. It’s only been a little over a week, but I’m already convinced that these feel a little more like a whole unit than two separate layers.

Just as the case of the Pixel 6 series was a little stiffer than the squishy sensations of the Pixel 5a case, Google seems to have opted for a even firmer outer layer this year, while maintaining a soft eggshell-like texture. The unreinforced areas around the volume and lock buttons and the charging port don’t seem to open or come apart as easily.

Moving on to aesthetic design, Google has gone down an interesting path with its official Pixel 7 cases. Each phone has three case colors available, each of which precisely matches one of the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro colorways. At a glance, you would have almost not even able to tell the phone is in a case until you notice the metal frame is no longer visible. Several times I forgot I had Pixel 7 Pro’s Snow hue – not Obsidian as my case would have you believe.

Honestly, I’m fine with the incognito tactic. Of course, you can buy a clear case that shows off your phone’s high-end design, Where you could throw a case that looks just like your phone. Combined with the metallic accents on the Google “G” logo and side buttons, the Pixel 7 case is quite elegant in its simplicity. The one thing I will note though is that the Obsidian model is an absolute fingerprint magnet and does not rub off easily. I highly recommend choosing another color.

Overall, I’m happy with what Google has brought to the table with its official Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro accessories. Sure, there will always be more high-end designs or affordable alternatives, but no other case maker will capture what makes the Pixel 7 design so effectively. iconic as Google itself has done.

For now, the only place to get the official Pixel 7 series case is through the Google Store, where both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models are available for $29.99.

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