Google’s new website helps your kids improve their reading


If you have kids learning to read, you might be interested to know that Google has launched a new website for kids like yours.

Although Google Read Along is in beta, you can still ask Diya, a virtual assistant, to read with your child. The site is an offshoot of Google’s popular Read Along Android app, which has been used by millions of children.

Currently, the site supports nine different language combinations, three browsers, and features content from some popular kids content creators.

Google’s new Read Along website

Image: Google

Once you land on the site, Diya will guide you, using prompts, through the initial setup. Within seconds your child will be ready to start training.

Using your device’s microphone, the virtual assistant will listen to your kids as they read. If they mispronounce a word, it will be highlighted in red.

Diya can help them if they get stuck or show them how a word is pronounced. They just need to click on the word in question to get help.

Other things to know about the new Read Along site

There are hundreds of illustrated children’s stories to choose from, including content from creators like ChuChu TV, USP Studios, Maple Press and Story-a-thon.

Kutuki alphabets and phonetic books are also featured. As children’s reading skills improve, the site will recommend appropriate content for the next reading level. Plus, they’ll earn stars and badges as they progress.

The site currently supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Support for Safari and others will be coming soon.

The content of the site ranges from reading levels 1 to 4. Supported languages ​​are English and English combined with Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Spanish and Portuguese.

Google Accompanied Reading can be a great tool for parents and teachers

google read along website
Image: Google

Alphabet’s Google helps children master their alphabet and improve their reading skills. Since its launch in 2019, the Read Along app has been used by over 30 million children.

Parents and teachers can use the new site as an educational tool to help children improve their reading skills. It’s so easy to set up and use; it’s obvious.

This will also help improve accessibility for people with learning difficulties. This is a welcome development from Google’s recent campaign against Apple over the adoption of RCS.

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