Google unveils new tools to create high-quality Android games


Google introduced several new features for three billion global gamers across all platforms as it ramps up its cloud gaming service Stadiums and help developers create android Games.

During the virtual “Google for Games Developer Summit”, the tech giant announced updates to the Android game development kit, the new immersive stream for games and the latest shared tools to help people take the next level games.

“We are committed to supporting developers of all sizes who create high-quality Android games. Updates to the Android Game Development Kit simplify the development process, while new insights into the data in Play on a console can help you make smarter business decisions, Google said in a blog post late Wednesday.

The company is also enabling games on new screens and devices, including the google play Games for pc beta.

With Clean Chat, a new open-source AI framework for games, studios can now proactively detect negative dialogue in text and voice chats.

Developers and publishers interested in building a direct-to-consumer business can now deliver their titles directly to gamers with Immersive Stream for Games, Google said.

Developed by the Stadia team in partnership with Google Cloud, Immersive Stream for Games combines advanced streaming technology with cheaper and easier game porting, powerful discovery and analytics features.

Advertisers can also improve target return on ad spend (tROAS) performance with in-app campaigns by integrating AdMob and third-party ad revenue data into Google Analytics for bid optimization.



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