Google Stadia will get 4 new games next month: report


google announced that four titles are in preparation including Deliver us the mooncoming out next month on Stadia.

Google confirmed four games coming to Stadia this week, with Deliver Us the Moon being the most interesting of the lot, reports 9To5Google.

The upcoming title is a “sci-fi” thriller set on the moon as Earth’s resources are depleted, with you playing the role of “Earth’s last astronaut” to save humanity.

Google Stadia added 12 new games. In 2021 this year, Google has shipped 107 to Stadia, and the company promises at least 100 new games in that calendar year.

Google has gradually added features to Stadia over the past two years since launch, including a new 30-minute game trial for “Hello Engineer” recently.

The tech giant also allows Stadia players to join multiplayer games without needing an invite. This basic feature is available on most console platforms and PC launchers, but it took Google almost two years to add it to Stadia.

Meanwhile, Google announced the closure of its in-house Stadia game development division as it sees high adoption of its technology by third-party developers and publishers to create world-class games.



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