Google Stadia is dead, but did it ever really exist?


Remember Google Stadia? It was this revolutionary gaming service that was totally going to go hand-in-hand with video game consoles and gaming PCs – or so Google said – not that we have to Google “Stadia” to remind us of this. what it is. Well, it turns out Stadia only really proved a threat to Ouija or the Coleco Chameleon literally stuck together, and Google just quietly notified us of its demise.

Google designed Stadia as an alternative to gaming like we do today. Instead of having to pay an absurd amount of money and create an equally absurd space in your living room for a weirdly designed PS5 or an undesigned Xbox Series X, the Stadia just needed a controller, a connection Internet and a subscription. Google would take care of the processing side of things in its state-of-the-art facilities.

Warner Bros.

Yes, there are some caveats, but does it really look any worse than a PS5?

Google was clearly aiming for “Netflix for gaming,” but they only managed to land at Quibi. Or was it spelled Quiby? Why isn’t Google helping?

Right from the start, Stadia was under immense pressure. All previous cloud gaming services had failed due to huge lag issues. This is a problem because none of the gamescape alternatives have to deal with it. Your character moving half a second after you order it to pack your dead opponent just won’t cut it. The person you just defeated might mistake this for hesitation, which will put your online reputation to the test. Just kidding, no one has ever had the chance to kill someone else via a Stadia.


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